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An Art Shop by Oki - [closed]

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    @lisianthus hopefully this is appropriately doldrums-defying for you? Let me know if you want anything about it changed :enzap:

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  • I really like your signature banner artworks! I may request one in two weeks (btw I edited my previous message with correction ideas lol).
    here are the corrected versions from what you described, let me know if these are a bit better!
    arisaico rev1.png
    arisaico rev2.png

    By the way, you wouldn't have to wait two weeks for a signature banner right now — that guideline only applies to requests of the same type (i.e. requesting multiple avatars within three days, or something). I'm more than happy to make matching sets of avatar and signature simultaneously, just so that's clear o7
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  • @Sheeercold Let me know if you want any changes made!

    @DigitalGen6 and here is your signature divider, I hope you like it <3


    i found a bunch of super old almonds in my pocket earlier. can i pay you with those?
    ...I'll allow it :sneaky: (added to the queue)
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  • @Hawthorn maybe something like this? I swapped out the typical Leafeon leaves for lamb's-ear. Hopefully it resonates with you :cool:

    Oki!! I don't have any request atm but I just wanna say all the stuff you've done here already looks so good! Those avatars work so well!
    DAWNING!! Thank you for stopping by either way!! You saying that means a lot :bulbaLove:
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  • thanks for your patience while I work on these so far! I had a busier day than usual.

    @Blanc I went through a lot of different layout sketches for this before settling on one xP Tell me if this kind of design suits your vibe!


    @Dubious Disc I hope this is something like what you had in mind, let me know if you'd like any changes made to it of course :enzap:

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  • @UnovanZekrom here you are! I hope I got all the details right. Let me know if anything needs to be edited! \o/

    If you’re up for it, I’d love to see your layouts out of intrigue, but I am pretty sold on this one already! <3
    I'm so glad you like it!!
    Here are the few concept doodles that I ended up tossing:
    I sort of considered one with the main decoration being the emblem on their hats, because that's always the first defining thing that comes to mind for me:

    (I actually finished an alternate version that featured it, but I didn't like it as much as the triangles lol. it's here!)

    I also wanted to make one with a little subway + some tracks trailing behind it. I think there was potential here but it was kind of hard to fit into such a small canvas.

    ...and also I apparently don't know how to draw a subway despite literally living in IRL Unova
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  • Okay I wanted to get both of these done in the same post, which is why it took a bit longer hahah.

    @InfiniteBakuphoon here's a version with the changes you asked for, hopefully this is closer to what you had in mind!

    @Torchic W. Pip Here is your friend :bulbaWave: I really enjoyed drawing this one, lots of fun shapes in his design that I didn't notice until now. Lemme know if you'd like any aspect of it changed!
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  • The first two of this batch:

    @InfiniteBakuphoon here is Nadine, she seems like a nice girl who needs a friend.
    Let me know if anything seems inaccurate or if you'd just like something changed!

    @AngelGT and here is your request, I hope this is like what you had in mind :bulbaWave:
    They should be included as attachments so tell me if that works for you!

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  • Okay!

    For @Calvinッ, who requested the lad in his current avatar in my style. I don't know what or where this guy's from but they're cool :enzap:
    I hope this is like what you envisioned, lemme know if you want anything changed!

    and @Luci_ who requested both an avatar and a signature! I ended up picking Jacq from those three options because he matched with the color scheme + his hair looked like a fun challenge to draw lol. Tell me if anything needs to be edited for ya :)


    edit: forgot the imgur link to the signature as a backup! [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/NYPFQzG.png[/IMG]
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  • @Sheeer requested an avatar of her sona! Just tell me if any details need correcting :bulbaLove:

    Hello Orchid!! I hope you’re doing well. I’d like to request a Marlon pfp with the trans flag
    hello again Luci! Added ya to the end of the queue :ayeaye:
    catz avatar 2 / lissi signature
  • @Catz here is Marnie, plus the theme you asked for in your PM! I hope this works for you.

    @coordinator lissi I went with a few cute Ghost-types like you suggested, but let me know if you want it changed in any way :chansey:


    HIOKIIMBACK could i get a... demigirl hilda pfp perchance... thankyouiloveyourartbye
    HELLO BERYL and yes of course, you've been added to the queue! Thanks for stopping by again c:
    luci avatar 2 / beryl avatar 2
  • Apologies for the delay on my end — I've been busy with other things so far this week. Thanks for waiting!

    @Luci_ here is Marlon! He's a cool guy, I like his design. :D

    @beryllium and here is Hilda! This flag goes so well with her outfit I love it (also such a real headcanon for her :bulbaCute:)

    As usual, lemme know if there's anything you'd prefer to be changed <3

    Hi can i make a request for a trans Lillie Pfp? Thanks! Lol
    hello hi! I make my return...requesting a Zero avatar, natch :enzap: X series design, doing that kinda salute-looking gesture that Blue does in a lot of artwork? (like his Sygna Suit VS sprite, for instance) (and obviously get his cool hair in there too but that's kind of a given lol)
    and, if possible, could I also get my signature altered a little? I'd like to change the stars and Kirby stuff to make it fully Megaman-themed instead (not that I don't like Kirby anymore, I'm just looking for a more tech-y vibe)
    thanks agaaaain c:
    Hi! i accidentally made a request in your art thread, so I’d just like to redo it here. Can I have an avatar of my Serena (she’s my current pfp)? For my username, you can use just Lissi, and for a pose I’d like her not to be too “excited“, you know what I mean? Serena is tired and introverted. Thanks in advance! (And if you’re not doing requests, that’s fine too)
    all of these are now lined up next in the queue!
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  • @milkshayke apologies for the delay! I had a lot of other stuff come up in the last few days lol.
    I hope this works for you, lemme know if you want any changes made of course :bulbaWave:

    With that, the art shop will now be closed for the time being while I get over an illness. Once it's open again, I'll make sure to say so!
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  • @Queen Of Space Lillie is here for you! I decided to draw her second outfit rather than her initial one, I hope that works for ya.

    May I have a Purugly avatar ? You can sneak in Mars if you wish to, but if you can't, then Purugly alone would be fine. Thanks in advance :bulbaWave:
    of course, added you to the queue! :fingergunz:

    There's now one more spot open at the moment, but once this current queue is completed I'm going to be taking a short break because of Thanksgiving this week — so general heads up that I'll be closing requests as soon as that spot is filled. ^^
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