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Another new Pokemon!

Aw crap....

It's a dung Beetle! lol

In japan, dung beetle is "Fun-Corokashi."

Korobooshi? They are kinda close, maybe that IS a toilet seat on it's head. Dung Beetle's are cool though, they deserve a Pokemon after them.
You don't have to laugh at everything, dear. XD

Anyway, I heard a rumour that it's Bug/Water. Anyone hear anything about this, I think it may be a rumour.
Definitely looks like Volbeat and Illumise...

And Nintendo/Game Freak sure likes using Lucario a lot in these demos and screenshots... Is he really legendary? :\

You'd think if they were using legendaries, they'd use Manaphy to promote the movie.
No matter what Lucario is, Gamefreak is bringing an awful lot of attention towards it. Is there any history of a poke being featured this prominently in development?
I'm going to be hopeful that this isn't a pre-evo/evo to anything that we've already seen. It doesn't really look like it would fit in anywhere Volbeat/Illumise, but I'm usually wrong about these things.
But it was funny, mostly because it really does look like a toilet seat! xDD
Argy said:
You'd think if they were using legendaries, they'd use Manaphy to promote the movie.
But maybe the fact that Manaphy isn't catchable regularly in D/P explains why we have only seen three DP screenshots with Manaphy so far.
Rukaria said:
Actually, it's Irumiize.

As for Sakiyomi, what I found is that it means "lookahead" (yes, one word) or "pre-reading."

Hishi means "sebum" (and perhaps "water caltrop") and bishibishi means "stickily." So my guess is it's some sort of sticky poison attack. What that means for gameplay, however, I don't know.
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I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is a new Pokemon. It doesn't look like a lightning bug to me. Looks more like a pill-bug, Rollout using Pokemon to me.
It looks alot like a prevo for those guys but I'd really hope it isn't. I just hope it's the new begining game bug like Ledyba/Spinirak. Actually it does look kinda like a pink penguin with antenae and a pimp suit
Hoi, I guess I'm the only one who sees a cross between Volbeat and Hoothoot. The antenna look like Hoothoot's eyebrows, except more exaggerated. But on that note, me doubts Hoothoot would ever get a pre-evo, so I'm not kidding myself. ._.
I still say it looks like Lickitung.

Someone also mentioned a side-evo of Whismur, the little horns being instruments...
Kthleen, I got the name from Wikipedia. (I looked up Illumise and that's what it said.)
I don't know who transliterated it, but イルミーゼ is indeed Irumiize. Irumaizu would be イルマイズ. Someone should fix that.
Umm, Hi guys, I tried cleaning up the sprite (badly x_X) and it does look like volbeat IMO:

I compared it to volbeat, and I used the sprites original colours mainly...it seems to have its wing case as a coat ala volbeat, but I'lll let you guys decide...

Mr K.
@ nursejoy's Boy...You know that ideas been around since g/s/c, don't you.... A little late I believe...

Mr K.
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