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Another new Pokemon!

@ nursejoy's Boy...You know that ideas been around since g/s/c, don't you.... A little late I believe...

They only just got around to making a Snorlax pre-evo, two generations after it was introduced. I don't think it's too late.

Anyways, I chose to believe that Koroboshi is another case of Cherimu/Roselia. Looks like a connection, but there is none.
I mean s/he's caught on a little late...I mean, I'd love a miltank/tauros pre-evo
And how does cherimu look like roselia, I mean sure both are plants..but thats as far as I see...

Mr K.
I love it <3 I love this little sweet bug pokemon. Its really adorable. I would like to get a plushie of it^^ Awwww..... how CUTE!!!! I wanna know everything about it; what movepool it has, what stats etc. I would like to have it in my team. I hope,m it is strong. It looks like a fat Ledyba...awww.
BTW, it doesn't look like Volbeat! Volbeat is ugly like a poo, and this little bug pokemon is adorable.
Better picture get of Koro-whatever!


How adorable! I do think now it looks more like Volbeat.
Nice find. Do you think both Volbeat and Illumise evolve into this or something...or is this one in a pair too? Ooo...
If Volbeat and Illumise evolves into it, would it be a hermanphrodite?
Still has the watermark, nYoo.

I meant, Habunake, that the new specie could have both genders. Both Volbeat and Illumise could evolve into it. Or, it could have a partner too.

Though your idea is cool too. :p
Or, it could have a partner too.

If that's true, I'm guessing this is the VOlbeat one, cuz it's male.

EDIT: I'm starting to see a beak, and he has a tux on it seems, maybe he is supposed to be a Penguin or something?
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It's "atenaes" may be the thick eyebrows on some penguins


Delibird related?
Finally. A picture where you can make something out beyond the vague shape and coloration. Personally, I don't think it's related to anything from the past generations. Looks TOO different. Scares the crap out of me, though.
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