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Another new Pokemon!

It's utterly adorable, and all the better for not being a Illumise evo. Illumise's evo would need like, a bikini. Not a tuxish thing.
I'm staying on my limb of this is a new Pokemon, after I got look at the bigger picture I just don't see it being related to Illumise/volbeat but I'm dumb about these kinda of things
So, just to recap, we've got:

Gonbe/ Munchlax
Manene/ Mime Jr.
Manyula/ ??? (I forgot its name)
Electabuzz thing (does it have a name yet?)
I believe for up to 402 Pokemon now! 98 more to go till 500, hopefully we will!
I've kept an active count of the new pokemon, it's
1. Munchlax
2. Lucario
3. Bonsly
4. Weavile
5. Mime Jr.
6. Manaphy
7. Tamanta
8. Buoysel
9. Perap
10. Diaruga
11. Parukia
12. Dorapion
13. Cherimu
14. Pachirisu
15. Electabuzz thing
16. Rozureido
17. Korobooshi

This makes 403 currently known pokemon.
Is it just me who thinks it looks like Santa? o_o

I think it could be a crossbreed = Illumise/Volbeat and a Ledian (most likely Illumise)
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