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Anyone else keeping up with the regional retrospective articles on Pokemon.com?


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Oct 18, 2012
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There's nothing especially new or enlightening, but I think they've still been kind of a nice little look back at each region's standout moments features. That said, I find the accompanying "exhibits" on the P25 anniversary site far less compelling than they could have been. The links, for anyone who's interested:

March: Relive Memorable Moments from the Galar Region
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

April: Kick Back and Relax With Memorable Moments from Alola
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

May: Discover the Beauty of the Kalos Region
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

June: See the World in Black and White in the Unova Region
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

July: A Look Back at the Brilliant and Shining Sinnoh Region
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

August: Set Sail for Hoenn
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

September: We Remember Why the Johto Region Was Pure Gold (and Silver)
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

October: A Look Back at Kanto, the Region That Started It All
- Corresponding P25 site exhibit

For the sake of discussion, what would you say are the most "memorable" moments and/or features from each region? If you were composing an "exhibit" on each region, what are the things you'd choose to highlight?
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Did they use a Refresh gif when talking about Pokémon Amie? lol

These are cute though! I wish the exhibits dove a little bit deeper on some of the background information/behind-the-scene looks at each region. Or at least some references to the interviews that did.
I'm pretty surprised that Dynamax/Max Raids didn't make the Galar article.

The pokemon.com site agrees with you about Lysandre. :p

On the one hand, I'm sure they'd lather praise on anything, given that promotional fluff pieces on pokemon.com are hardly the type of place to expect to find autocritique (it's rare enough in Game Freak's developer interviews as it is), but on the other hand...

Kind of odd that they are doing it in reverse. You'd think they'd start from, well, Generation 1? Not a criticism, just confused about the order they are going in.

I guess because a lot of the current fans started with the 3D games.
I looked over these a while back, and what's interesting is how explicit the articles are about the real-world inspiration for particular locales (something I always felt that GameFreak was historically somewhat coy about) as well as the tacit admissions scattered throughout of what they thought ultimately worked with each title and what features perhaps didn't hit the mark so much. Galar showcases the Wild Area and stadium battles (both legitimate inclusions)... but not so much the story. Alola can't give enough spotlight to Lillie and the family drama at the heart of the plot, but doesn't have as much to say about Z-moves. There's some self-awareness on display, I think.
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