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Apologize to the user above.

Sorry for not mentioning "The Litleo Guard"
Sorry for something I haven't done yet
Sorry for not scary enough
Sorry for saying this a little late but what are you trying to say by this?
Sorry for not believing in the facts you give me on certain Pokemon, species, or topics - or accepting in some cases
It can be difficult to accept a fact that we don't like even if the evidence is clear, that's completely normal. But saying that you don't believe me is something else, that's like saying I'm a liar. I always try to be sure that the things I say are true, if you investigate on your own and discover that I was wrong about something I would accept my mistake, but if that's not the case I would appreciate it if you don't doubt my honesty.
Sorry for getting dizzy from what avatar move
Sorry for using my spare time to craft this and have lots of laugher.

Pretty old meme, but I love the Bakeccha Thug Life.

Sem título53.png
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Sorry for doing poorly in the survival games you likes
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