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Music Are there any songs/jingles that randomly get stuck in your head?

A raga rock song was in my head and then all of a sudden “Never Gonna Give You Up” appeared in my head. (I assume that second part happens to all of us)
I bet your head Rickroll’d you, huh? (I tried to Rickroll toastghost but it failed)
Thankfully my head does not rickroll me (usually)

It did however randomly made me think of "From Dusk Till Dawn" earlier just because I thought of the connection that Sia sings it, who also sings "Chandelier", which reminds me of Chandelure, which evolves with a Dusk Stone, coming full circle lol.
For someone reason, that Senorita song randomly popped in my head, and I only listened to it once or twice.

The Paramore “All I Wanted Song” also entered my head too yesterday. I had a hard time recalling where it was from though.

“We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles somehow keeps getting in my head. I was able to listen to it multiple times yesterday and not get tired of it while wanting to listen to it more.
The Marc Philippe remix of Pete Bellis & Tommy - Treat Me Right

Stuck in my head all day...
The FamilyMart rap song(?) at the beginning, which goes "Yuh, Yuh.....I don't have anything cool to say here"
I'm not entirely sure on how that relates to FamilyMart at all.
Sacrifice from the RWBY soundtrack, Jeff and Casey Lee Williams, a few days now. I was listening to it when I got some bad news and it kinda connected to that, can't get it out of my head easily :(

I just got reminded of this
7.8/10 too much Ruby
Yugioh Zexal opening, Wonder Wings. I get reminded of it whenever I see the words "wings" or even "winds"...
YES. a lot of the time it's pokémon anime music, but for the past five years or so i've had this reccuring one, some j-pop song i once heard in a ramen shop. i don't fully trust my knowledge of the lyrics because my japanese was quite poor when i first heard it, but. it feels like it could have been sung by like... aimyon kind of. acoustic guitar, a girl singer, and i'm like 99% sure it was a love song. not too much to go off of there sadly, but it was probably made at or around 2015~2019 i'd imagine? it'll be nice when i finally, finally find it someday, because some parts are still clear in my head, thankfully ahaha..
it'll be nice when i finally, finally find it someday, because some parts are still clear in my head, thankfully ahaha..
Try to sing it to Shazam...

Anyway, right now, I randomly got reminded of Guide My Way (Red Like Roses 3) from RWBY V9 soundtrack.
The dumbest songs get stuck in my head T-T

For MONTHS in a song called “Hissatsu no Command” there’s this one part where one of the Utaites (Aho no Sakata) goes “12112” and that part, that part was stuck in my head for MONTHS.
we have not liked the show since we were like 12 but often our brain starts playing parts of various steven universe songs, which is fine sometimes but some of them we never even liked in the first place

This song has been stuck in my head on an almost daily basis for months. It’s a beautiful song, for sure, but it makes me pretty sad so I’d rather not have it playing on a constant loop in my brain
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