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Ash's Water type and Brock's Third Member

Oh....had a lapse of the brain for a second. XD
I really like Ash new Pokemon and can't wait to see it in action...What would be supper funny is if it acted just like As, I'd love itXD
Totodile was a poor mans Corphish.

Corphish had the comedy that the writers tried to do with Totodile but failed.
I disagree. Totodile is much funnier and cuter than Corphish. And I happen to like Ash's Corphish a lot.

Now, back on the actual topic, I wonder how far are we from seeing this future captures. I'm looking forward to seeing Buizel's, especially.
Totodile was funny, but got no CD.

Corphish mixed funny, cutness, and CD perfectly.

I wonder if the possible new ending will have them in it?
Any one have a solo image of Buizel? I mean one without Hikari in front of it? Once they have images up with Ash and it together I'll use it, but I'd like a solo image of it. Its my favorite Ash Pokemon as of now, pretty please some one help me with that ^^
Yeah. I saw this today. I think it's great that Ash gets a Buizel because that Pokemon was so0o0o cute in that Manaphy movie. Brock getting Happiny doesn't shock me so much. I mean, have you ever notice Brock's team seemed to have defense endowed Pokemon? Aside from that I agree Happiny is a cute baby. I can't wait to get the Pokemon figure of it!:party:
If 'Together' is still played when Brock captures Happiny, it wouldn't hard to add it in since they could have him hold it like they did with Bonsly.
It's a pity they never include Team Rocket's Pokemon on these things... Jessie's SO gonna capture something in the near future. And if Dustox and Cacnea hang around, i'd be rather surprised.
I do think Dustox is going to go next, because it was only caught to be a rival to May's Beautifly, who May dumped behind after Hoenn ended...which made Dustox lose its whole point on the show afterward.

Since Seviper is still awesome and Wobbufett is a mascot, it only seems likely that Dustox is the odd one out and the most expendable.
The only thing that was disappointing about Bonsly was that it overall didn't have much airtime between capture and evolution.

Exactly, and plus the fact that whenever it showed up it was usually whinny and pointless.
This is definitely some fun news. I love Buizel and predicted Ash having one in his final line-up, so seeing that pic just makes me squee. Honestly, I wouldn't even care if it evolved or not. Floatzel is really cool, but after seeing its Sugi artwork I'm starting to like Buizel's design better =O

Brock's new addition doesn't really excite or annoy me. It's just nice actually seeing him with another new Pokemon.
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I could so see Buizel for Satoshi, so it doesn't suprise me.

And the Sudowoodo+Greggle+Pinpuku team is wicked cool.

And I'm seriously hoping that Momi gives Takeshi the Pinpuku. Because I seriously want the people you team up with to appear in the anime.
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