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Batman vs Wolverine

Batman vs Wolverine

  • Batman

    Votes: 9 50.0%
  • Wolverine

    Votes: 9 50.0%

  • Total voters


Protecting Gotham City
Jan 3, 2003
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Nothing needs to be said about these two. Batman has his standard array of gadgets, Wolvie has all his abilities. Who would win?
I'm going to give the edge to Wolverine mainly because of his amazing healing capacity. Batman's gadgets only work for so long; once a batarang is thrown and either hits or misses its target, that's it. And while both are evenly matched physically, Wolverine can heal from his wounds quickly and continue pounding on Batman, who would eventually tire out. Batman's intelligence is probably greater than Wolverine's but if Wolverine can (a) avoid subtle or obvious traps Batman sets or (b) heal his wounds after being caught in said traps quickly, then Batman's only got his physical strength (and whatever gadgets he brought with him) to rely on.
Wolverine...by a nose. Hate how overused Wolverine's become, and how watered-down he's become as a result, but he used to be such a great character, and I've never been a huge Batman fan.
I always had the impression that, at least physically, he was the strongest of the X-men.
wolverine would win this, and heres why:
Because of his adamantium skeleton and healing factor Logan (wolverine) is able to push his body further than a normal human. he's been proven to be able to lift about two tons.
Logan has over a century of combat experience, is trained by samurai in almost every form of martial arts, has worked as an secret agent for the CIA, so he is one the best hand-to-hand combatants on earth. also he is very capable of using guns, although he prefers his claws.
Although mostly considered brutish logan actually is very intelligent, and when his brain was monitored during combat training it was shown to be able to defeat 4 supercomputers at chess while in battle.
He has super human senses and superhuman reflexes.
then there are his healing factor and his claws.
Batman may be an excellent combatant he cannot possibly hope to best Wolverine in a fight.
If there's prep time, Batman for sure. If not, Bruce is going to evade him long enough to buy the needed time. xD
Well, intelligence > strength pretty much every time. Batman could probably somehow create a situation where Wolverine falls down a cliff or gets trapped. Somewhere he can't come back immediately for a counter-attack. *shrug*

Wolverine wouldn't go down easily, that's for sure.
Wolverine and Batman have both become very heavily used in the mainstream over the past few years, so neither has a particular advantage or disadvantage due to recent fatigue of the characters. It comes down to personal preference. Wolverine has B.A. powers and a fun-to-read attitude, though his ridiculous regeneration means that he can sometimes fall into the category of Boring Invincible Hero - though the comics manage to do a good job of keeping it from seeming that way. Batman has ridiculous amounts of skill and all of the best toys, and manages to be dark without really overdoing it. Plus, Batman has the best rogues gallery of any crime-fighter in my memory.

Sorry, Wolvie, but Bats is just a personal favorite of mine.

Now, who would win in a fight? That's an entirely different question. Batman has intelligence through the roof and is a master of gambits, even on the spot. Wolverine has an indestructible skeleton and, as mentioned, ridiculous healing factor, enabling him to physically outlast almost any opponent. His healing factor, however, as been shown to not be completely effective on sedatives. If Batman is carrying some sort of gas or injection to knock Wolverine out (and I'm sure that he would be), Batman would be able to pull out a win here. If the sedatives don't work, though, there's only so long that even Batman can hold out against somebody built like Wolverine (or so one would think).
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Chromas wrote: Wolverine has an indestructible skeleton and, as mentioned, ridiculous healing factor, enabling him to physically outlast almost any opponent. His healing factor, however, as been shown to not be completely effective on sedatives.

I didn't know this. So if Bats brings any type of sedative (Is gas more effective than an injection on Wolverine?), then the battle's his.
Wolverine isn't vulnerable to sedatives or any kind of toxins for that matter. its again courtesy of his healinh factor. its very hard for him for example to get drunk or hi because his body is constantly rejecting toxins. everyone here seems to think batman has superior hand to hand skills, but al the very least they are each others equal. it was mentioned in the comics that wolverine is on par with capt america in fighting skills. also, wolverines endurance and stamina are incredible, he's proved to be able to fight omega red of like 24 hours non stop and still not be exhausted. i agree batman is a formidable opponent, but his gadgets are as good as useless against wolverine.

however, i dont see these two as enemies. they were both trained in martial arts. and they both have that dark anti-hero like attitude. they dont care about the law or who's in their way, as long as the badguys are out of business theyre happy.
Hm, battle between Batman and Wolverine... well, as has been said, this is a battle of brains against brawn. Due to the healing factor no one can beat Wolverine in a physical head-to-head, never mind that his bones are made of nigh-indestructible metal that just happen to be able to jut out as claws. Batman, meanwhile, is beyond brilliant, and is in fact one of a select class of superheroes that aren't even technically superheroes, and happens to be more than capable of taking on Superman, a.k.a. the only superhero I would give good odds in a physical confrontation with Wolverine. So...

I'm gonna go with Wolverine on this one. While Bats is without a doubt near the top of the hero food chain, Wolverine is relentless, brutal, and quite literally cannot be stopped without being knocked into unconsciousness, something that Batman could most likely not accomplish without the use of superpowers.
This is kind of Brains vs. Brawn isn't it?

I don't know, I'm gonna vote Batman, but it's very hard to say. I guess standard Utility Belt he really has no chance, even if it was just Bone Claws Wolverine, but if he had his full bat cave set of resources I'm sure he could figure out a solution and set a trap to capture him... (I don't see any case of him actually beating him) Still, I think I'll stick with Batman winning because it'd be much more exciting that way.


I guess after reading everyone else's comments, I want to say that I can see this fight happen. Wolverine is the escaped weapon, enemy of the government, Batman is the Dark Knight of Justice. If Someone leads batman to believe Wolverine as a threat, he will try to do something about him.
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