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Battle Hall Thread

c la fet

Watch out for the rain of steel
Jul 10, 2022
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There's a thread about the Pokémon Platinum Battle Hall on Smogon but not here, it seems.

This thread is for anyone trying to get the Silver or Gold prints (or something else) so you can ask questions, give tips, etc...

I will try to make a detailed guide when I get the Gold Print.
I have seen people completing the challenge with Smeargle, Gyarados, Dragonite and Porygon-Z.
My record is 159 victories with Porygon-Z.

(Moves used : Tri Attack, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Signal Beam.
Items used : Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Focus Sash.
Nature : Modest
EVs : 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd, 4HP)

It seems like Argenta uses a limited Pokémon selection depending on the Pokémon used by the player.
For example, with Porygon-Z, she used Gengar, Steelix and Houndoom multiple times.
(Am I allowed to double post ? I'll delete if not)

I am thinking of using Choice Scarf Rampardos instead of Porygon-Z.
Porygon-Z's ability (download) only works a small portion of the time and Rampardos has a better offensive stat.
But on the other hand Rampardos is very slow and can get outsped even with the Scarf.

Has anybody tested it ?
Today I finally got the Gold Print with Salamence. It was way easier than with any other Pokémon I used before.

I don't think anybody's interested so I'm not detailing everything.

Pokémon used :
2 Salamence.
Moves used :
Dragon Dance (barely used), Earthquake, Fly, Fire Fang, Outrage.
Item used : Focus Sash.
EV spread : 252 attack, 252 speed, 6 hp.
I haven't played Platinum in a long time. But I do remember finding the Battle Hall to be the toughest of the five facilities. Interested to see how you take it on. Especially when I do get around to fully replaying Platinum, including the Battle Facilities.
Hey, thanks for posting.

It's definitely one of the toughest facilities. In fact most people who post about how they won at this facility seem to be real Pokémon experts or very invested in breeding (to get perfect IVs).

It's pretty difficult to find a beginner's guide, so let's make one :D

If you want to use Salamence, there will be many advantages : the Intimidate ability which is very useful because there are lots of physical attackers, the access to Outrage + Earthquake and a blazing attack stat, allowing it to 2hko or ohko almost everything even without Dragon Dance and the fact Salamence outspeeds a lot of Pokémon, even the ones that are usually faster if they're battled early.

You don't need perfect IVs. (I recommend using a Salamence with a good attack IV, though. It doesn't need to be 31.)

Here's the set :
Fly / Dragon Dance
Fire Fang / Dragon Dance

Take the Adamant Nature. (I haven't tried Jolly)

The problem is that you'll be completely walled by Weavile and that there's a risk of being walled by faster Pokémon like Froslass or Starmie or bulky Pokémon like Slowbro and Walrein if you encounter them too late.

This is why I recommend starting with Ice, Water, Dark and Psychic. You've also got to do rock and ground early since Salamence is weak to Rock. Steel is also dangerous, for reasons I'll detail later. But really, start with Ice because if you encounter Weavile at least you won't lose a big winning streak.

Flying includes opponents like Aerodactyl and Articuno, Ghost and Poison include Froslass and Gengar (who is faster and unpredictable) so try to take on these types not too late.

Bug and Steel include Scizor and Scyther. The problem with these pokémon is that they're unpredictable.
For Scizor, don't click Fire Fang. Use Earthquake and then Fire Fang (to avoid Counter + Bullet Punch). For Scyther, don't use Fly, use another move.

If you don't want to face a Pokémon, you can leave the tenth battle of a type for Argenta. (I did this for the poison type in the end because I was scared of Gengar).

I didn't need any item outside of the Focus Sash but if you feel like another item would help you with one type, change it. (I'm thinking about the Lum Berry, or the Sitrus Berry)

Additionnal informations I can give :

  • Nidoqueen and Nidoking have the move attract. There's not much you can do about it...
  • Sharpedo is scary but not unbeatable. Most of the times I've encountered it, the battle went like this :
Salamence uses Outrage, receives Rough Skin damages, Sharpedo uses Ice Fang, Salamence survives, Salamence uses Outrage again, receives Rough Skin damage and takes down Sharpedo. Salamence usually has 4 HP left.
  • The only time I really wanted to use Dragon Dance was against Wobbuffet but frankly, I'm not even sure it was necessary.
  • Whiscash has Blizzard and the Lax Incense so be careful with the Ground type since that Pokémon can completely counter Salamence if you're unlucky. I heard Gastrodon is similar.
  • Electric types shouldn't cause too many problems unless you get parahaxed.
  • Grass, Dragon and Fire types are easy.
  • If you aren't too unlucky you can finish the challenge in only one day. If you're lucky (no Weavile, no Froslass, etc...) you can finish it in 2 hours.

Good luck.
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