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Best Generation I Pokémon Cry

I wish the Gen I and II Pokemon would use their Stadium 2 cries. :/ A lot of them hurt my ears. But I did like some of them.

Electabuzz. His cry has to be the most ear-rapey cry ever.

Mewtwo. Yes, is quite awesome.

Paras/Parasect. It's fun to listen to!

Meowth also has a cute cry.

And finally, Squirtle. Also cute.
I always liked the "chee-sloop" sounds of Ditto/Poliwag
Arcanine just sounded BEAST. When I heard it, I really thought Blue was gonna kill me. Thankfully, Blastoise destroyed it.
Articuno's is for me really nostalgic and the most identifiable.

I makes me remember when I found it for the first time (and didn't capture, I thouht it was a boss), and I was really confused about it. I spent a long time wondering just what was that about and keeping its cry in my mind.
People say that? :O the early gen calls were epic! in gen II the Lugia call is like some sort of hardcore german electro, it's epic!

in gen I i LOVED charmander's call, it was so simple and actually sounded like 'char-man-der' :')
Articuno, although I also like Dragonite, Gyarados, Lapras, and Mewtwo.
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