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Bianca debuts her new Sync Pair with Virizon in Pokémon Masters EX, alongside new Special Battle Event featuring Neo Champions Cheren and Bianca

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Bianca & Virizon
As previewed in the recent monthly update from the game's developers, Bianca debuts her new Sync Pair with Virizon in Pokémon Masters EX today in a set of Master Fair Scouts. Also launching today is Take on Cheren and Bianca!, a new Special Battle Event featuring the two Neo Champions.

Bianca Master Fair Scout
Bianca debuts her new sync pair with Virizon in this limited-time Master Fair Scout running alongside Neo Champions: One More Step to a New Path. This scout is available in-game now, and will run through to July 9th, at 10:59pm (PDT). As usual for Master Fair scouts, 5★ Sync Pairs will have a 12% chance of appearing, with the featured pair having a higher chance of appearing than other pairs. Master Fair-exclusive Sync Pairs may reappear in future Master Fair Scouts.

Bianca in her 6★ EX outfit
Bianca (Champion) & Virizon are a Fighting-type Strike role Sync Pair. This Master Fair-exclusive Sync Pair is being released with an expanded sync grid, the ability to be raised to 6★ EX, and the ability to unlock a Support EX Role when raised to 6★ EX. Raising the pair to 6★ EX also unlocks a new outfit for Bianca, changing her outfit to a white jacket with green trim, over a white shirt and pants with pink trim, and a black beret.

The Bianca Master Fair Scout includes a daily discount, where players can perform a single scout for ×100 paid gems. This daily discount can be used 1 time per day during the entire length of the scout. The first five times players perform a Sync Pair Scout x11 for this scout, they will also receive the following bonus presents:
  • 1st Scout: Strike Move Candy Coin ×1, Support Move Candy Coin ×1, Tech Move Candy Coin ×1
  • 2nd Scout: 5★ Power-Up ×2
  • 3rd Scout: Sprint Move Candy Coin x1, Field Move Candy Coin ×1
  • 4th Scout: 5★ Power-Up ×4
  • 5th Scout: Move Candy Coin ×1
A Support Roll Cake
In addition, a Special Present! Bianca Master Fair Scout is also available, requiring paid gems. This scout gives the same rewards as the regular Bianca Master Fair Scout for the first five times players perform a Sync Pair Scout x11 for this scout. In addition, players who team up with Bianca (Champion) & Virizon in this scout will also receive a Support Roll Cake item, which is required to unlock their EX Role.

A Fighting-type Strike role Sync Pair with a Support EX Role, Bianca (Champion) & Virizon are the latest Sync Pair with a the ability to apply a Circle to the allied field of play. The Unova Circle (Defensive) Field Effect should work similarly to the one applied by Volo & Togepi, powering up the special attack and sync moves of the player's team by 5%, while reducing all attack move and Sync Move damage received by allies (from both physical and special moves) by 10%. These values would then be boosted when the team includes additional Sync Pairs with the Unova Theme skill, up to a maximum of 20% power-up and 25% damage reduction. In addition, Bianca (Champion) & Virizon have another pair of Passive Skills which apply them Free Move Next effect to themselves while Unova Circle (Defensive) is active, allowing them to continuously attack without draining the Move Gauge, while also ignoring Enduring effects, and any Passive Skills from their opponents that may reduce damage or protect against Critical Hits. As if that wasn't enough, their White Light Sacred Sword buddy move also allows them to greatly debuff opponents, lowering their Fighting Type Rebuff by 2 ranks, and their Attack and Sp. Atk by 3 stat ranks each.

Cheren and Bianca in their Neo Champion outfits
Special Battle Event: Take On Cheren and Bianca
Players can now take on the new Neo Champions in Take On Cheren and Bianca!, a new Special Battle Event running through to July 11th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Beating this event's challenges will award players with a minimum of 300 Gems and 15 Champion Spirit per area as first-time rewards.

Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
Monthly Poké Fair Scout Vol. 22

The Fair-Exclusive 5★ Marnie & Morpeko are the featured Sync Pair for the latest Monthly Poké Fair Scout in Pokémon Masters EX. This scout will remain available until June 30th, at 10:59pm (PDT). Teaming up with the pair will unlock Marnie as a Guest for the Trainer's Lodge.

No upgrades to the pair have been announced in conjunction with this latest Monthly Poké Fair Scout.

As normal for Poké Fair Scouts, 5★ sync pairs have a 10% chance of appearing in this scout. The first five times players perform a Sync Pair Scout x11 for the Monthly Poké Fair Scout Vol. 22, they will receive a bonus present of 3★ Friend Key x15. These keys allow players to increase the Friendship Level Cap for a single Guest in the Trainer Lodge by 10. This Monthly Poké Fair Scout also includes a daily discount, where players can perform a single scout for x100 paid gems. This daily discount can be used 1 time per day during the entire length of the scout.

Professor Bellis and a Mysterious Stone
New content for the Mysterious Stones Chapter

A brand new story area for the Mysterious Stones Chapter, Prime of the Myth Seekers, was added to the game on May 31st, featuring a meeting between Cynthia and Volo. To access this area, players will need to have acquired a minimum of 700 Mysterious Stones. These can be obtained as completion rewards from Daily Region Rotation battles, as well as rarely from Trainer Lodge expeditions, and from some area info in the Training Areas.

Mysterious Stones that are exchanged in Monthly Exchanges will still count for unlocking this and other areas for the Mysterious Stones Chapter, as these unlocks are based on stones acquired rather than stones on hand.


Can’t believe she can already solo all 14 LA stages! She did it even faster than Sygna Suit Thunderbolt Red!
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