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Bigfoot_the_Pokémon's Pokémon of the Day

Feb 6, 2022
Today's Pokémon of the Day is... Gigalith!!
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Will be not as active the next week or so, so here's the next 8 days!!

Feb 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2022
13 - Raboot; 14 - Amaura; 15 - Shiinotic; 16 - Sealeo; 17 - Copperajah; 18 - Fennekin; 19 - Mimikyu; 20 - Klink
Corsola and Azelf are both really cool to me!

fun fact: coral are actually made up of a bunch of tiny animals called polyps! to quote the National Ocean Service:
Each soft-bodied polyp—most no thicker than a nickel—secretes a hard outer skeleton of limestone (calcium carbonate) that attaches either to rock or the dead skeletons of other polyps.
If corsola is much more like real coral, that means that it would be more like wishiwashi in its school form! I think that is really neat!
A lot of updating:

Feb 26 - Mar 3, 2022
Feb 26 - Magnemite, 27 - Rillaboom, 28 - Bagon, Mar 1 - Roserade, 2 - Venipede, 3 - Lunatone

The Blood Moon Rises Again
I'm not consistent

Mar 4, 2022
Today's Pokémon of the Day is... Cradily!!

Mar 5, 2022
Today's Pokémon of the Day is... Sinistea!!

Mar 6, 2022
Today's Pokémon of the Day is... Wormadam (Trash Cloak)!!
So because I have been forgetting to post, I decided that I will not do every single day of the year -- if I post, I post.

Mar 18, 2022
Today's Pokémon of the Day is... Cutiefly!!
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