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Birthday Pokemon Types!

I'm Water/Flying. Gyarados is pretty nice, actually. Especially considering how I get the implied Dragon-type in there as well :D
I'm thinking this needs to be updated, since there's no Fairy-type.

Anyway, I'm also Dark/Flying. Out of all the Dark/Flying types, Yveltal is my favorite, so it could be my "spirit Pokémon," or something like that. One of my best friends was born on February 17th, so now I kind of like to think of him as Lugia and me as Yveltal, which is pretty cool.
Electric/Ice - that's super awesome, my favorite type is electric and i also really love ice types. i really want to design an electric/ice type now.

okay so when i read the title of this topic i immediately thought of my ampharos because his name is Birthday. I named him after a character from an anime I am watching, Hamatora the Animation.
Steel/Psychic. Considering Metagross, Bronzong, and Jirachi, I'd say I'm in good company.
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