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Challenge Blanc's Bi-Weekly Art Challenge ▽ɞ

Nari Lightning Darkened.jpg
Used one of the figure refs to draw my OC Nari.
Hiya artist friends!

Dusting off the carriage to say I will revive this thread next month! Mark my words. I will also provide my usual reviews on the last topic too! I will not leave a stone unturned.

Thank you for being so patient and I deeply apologize my life got a bit busy! I hope to ride with you again soon.

PROMPT 02 - 12/3/22 (OVERDUE)



Dusts off this thread, seems like I only had one full review to make in my absence, so I hope you enjoy this full review of your past works Dawning-- as well as taking in your current improvement!

@DawningWinds - Given these pieces are some older ones of yours now, I can say without a doubt you've improved much since you made these, but even now I can tell that your sense of lighting last year was very strong! Specifically in the piece of your OC Nari and the one after them, the shadows in the Nari piece have a particularly strong shading, and I think it would be very cool to see you lean into that even more going forward.

As for the two forest/tree based artworks, I appreciate you trying a different angle/composition on that second one, and I always commend your lack of fear to take on more landscape esque backgrounds. You seem to have a really good grasp of greenery and cool colors!

With that promise kept... I hope to see your even stronger works going forward!


And now, without further ado, (though a bit later than I planned) the grand return of my bi-weekly challenges! I apologize it was so tricky to keep these up before, one thing led to another, and well... But anyways, we have a lot more artists on board than before, and I am excited to see what everyone creates! If you're unfamiliar with how this thread will work, please refer to the rules and what to expect.

Let's start with something festive, passengers!



PROMPT 03 - 10/14/2023



▽ɞ Feel free to use prompt, reference, both, or interpret the subject matter however you wish.

▽ɞ Figure focus/study:





▽ɞ Environment focus/study:





This prompt's inspiration artist is John Atkinson Grimshaw. Check out some more of his paintings for study here.

Let's get spooky!
Uh...I'm making two (connected) pictures and together they spawned a 65-ish word long blurb flavor text thing...it's sort of an extended caption.
Would it be ok to post that when I post the pictures, or should I stick to just pictures, no text?
Uh...I'm making two (connected) pictures and together they spawned a 65-ish word long blurb flavor text thing...it's sort of an extended caption.
Would it be ok to post that when I post the pictures, or should I stick to just pictures, no text?
Of course it’s fine to post with them!! I’m happy you were inspired!! Please feel free, I can’t wait to see when you do.
Figure 4 reminded me of an OC, so that's who I drew. (I'm open to feedback from anyone in the thread, by the way.)

Something wicked this way comes...

He held out his hand. The dark fluid that normally gave life was smeared irreverently across his palm and fingers. It was impossible to say how the smears had gotten there. There were too many possibilities.

"That thing you're fighting for...? It's hopelessness incarnate. You're dooming yourself. SURELY you're smart enough to realize that. It would be best if you just...stopped fighting. Come join me.

...but from which direction?

He held out his hand. The dark fluid that normally gave life was smeared irreverently across his palm and fingers. It was impossible to say how the smears had gotten there. There were too many possibilities.

"That...THING you're fighting for...it's hopelessness incarnate! You're dooming YOURSELF! Surely you're smart enough to realize that...? It would be best if you just stopped fighting...come join me..."

(This was a lot of fun!)
(gets spooky)
my honest reaction to that information


Haven't done any figure drawing in a good few months so I'm a bit rusty, hence the wonkiness... I am fully aware of all the mistakes I made with the proportions lol. I think the second one turned out better, I'm still not the best with facial structure and stuff.
i spent so long figuring out a color scheme for the design and you can't even see it lol

Like I said. Predictable. you will never be free from my robots and my dramatic lighting lol
Might do some more in the coming week...kinda want to make something inspired by those Grimshaw paintings.
Sorry for the small wait, passengers!! I'm catching up on some end of the month deadlines and Halloween plans, so I won't be able to give proper review and next prompt until after the 31st, take this as extra time to practice until then. And yes, feel free to comment on each other's work of course!! No need to wait for my verdict. I love the entries so far!! Thank you guys for participating, again!
Apologies for general lateness! Took a break after my deadlines and got sick, so let's crack at reviews! I'll have next study up in a couple days or so in the meantime. I hope you guys like this one, it was fun to put together. I love everyone's work!!!

PROMPT 03 - 10/14/2023-11/6/2023 (COMPLETE)



@toastghost 'shinitagari' - One thing I've always noticed about your art is the way you stylize characters is very unique! And that same cute stylization shows through here. You also did a really nice job of using darker shading in the monochrome palette you used to create volume, and this went very well with contrasting Miku's hair from her hat in an already pretty overall dark design-- challenging stuff! This part is more a personal feeling of mine rather than using my artist's eye, but I love the little 'blush' accents on her cheeks, it's again something very cute that makes your style more your own. I don't know if you follow a lot of artists, but your style vaguely reminds me of Gekidan Inu Curry's. Great stuff! You have insanely clean linework for drawing on paper. I know you often struggle with ideas as you mentioned yourself, but I really hope you participate again, I'd love to see even more of your stuff, Toast!

@Viridian Beedrill - Yippieee, thank you for doing several, this will be fun! (And thank you for the little story bit, it was perfect for the season and actually made me really happy to read! May I ask you to give me more details on it sometime? I'm interested in the overarching idea you had there...) I'll put them in order of your posting here:

01&02 - The weaponry is actually the most striking part of your piece here, something about it just draws my eye, and I think it's both the detailing of his outfit complementing it and how neatly you drew it! (I envy that, I'm not so good at drawing weapons). You may have noticed I'm reviewing these two together, something I usually don't do, but I'm choosing to because not only is 02 a continuation of 01, but they compliment each other so insanely well. I love how subtle the first is, and how you made the expression intentionally much stronger in the second piece. I also get a better glimpse at the details on the scythe here too, and the wings also really stand out here, maybe I'm showing my bias again because I really like wings in designs, but you did an excellent job of curling the right one inward toward him. You draw concepts of scenarios really, really well and it shows in your writing too!

'my coworker is delusional' - First off, nice job taking on the challenge of the more environmental reference! Drawing environments, especially inorganic ones can be scary, so I commend you for taking on the difficult one I snuck in there! This feels like a first odd comment to make, but I noticed like toast, both you guys have exceptionally clean linework even on paper, which is insane to me. I also noticed that you got the perspective of the room down pretty strong without too many redraws (at least where I'm sitting), so some objects stand out really well and show off different pieces of the character's personality in their toy projects (the comic underneath is really cute too LOL). I'm especially drawn to the array of knickknacks on the workshop desk, and the left side of the room with the nicely proportioned window and the neatly drawn 'stick dragon' (for lack of better word). You've got a thing for drawing little bits and bobs, Viridian! (Again a personal opinion but I love how 'menacing' all of these characters look in juxtaposition of the cute little workshop).

@Dubious Disc - Also thank you for doing several, I can see how different parts of your art and techniques shine in these!

01 - These pictures are so clean I honestly couldn't tell if they were drawn digitally or traditionally at first! I love your show of lighting here, and while I agree with you that your second piece turned out better, I want it to be clear how strong your sense of lighting is in this piece specifically-- actually going down your list you may notice me mention this a lot, that I think lighting and understanding how lighting shapes planes of the face and figures is probably your strongest asset in my eyes, especially around the nose and cheek bones in this one.

02 - Insanely strong pose, your sense of anatomy around the shoulders, neck, and waist specifically are stunning, and you managed to get the foreshortening of her right arm down without looking awkward in the least! Have you taken a live drawing class before? Because your eye for anatomy really makes it seem that way! And the fabric too, the way you shaded the gathered fabric just below her waist and down her legs feels both accurate to the reference itself and an accurate display of volume of how it would look in real life. I hope I don't sound like I'm just gassing you up, but I'm genuinely blown away with this one, and I'd love to see more of your 'life' drawings should you have any on hand!

03 - Like toast, your unique stylization shines through here!! But again your LIGHTING... The warm shades of the character's outfit being complemented by the even warmer glow of their glaive... I love it soo much! Again can't have a review without my bias showing, but I love how you drew the eyes here, and the little spiderweb train on the back of the outfit is such a nice touch. The background is simple because you knew it didn't have to be anything grandiose because our eye is drawn to the glowing glaive and the character illuminated by it's light, you have a clear sense of leading the viewer's eye. Absolutely in love with this one Disc and that's not an understatement.

Thank you guys for joining! Hope to see you again next round!! Was a lot of fun to look at everyone's pieces subjectively! If you'd like me at any point to give stronger critiques (as in, pointers on what to improve on) rather than just where you excel, please feel free to let me know next time! Other than that, let's keep drawing!!
Hi! Are you still doing this? It’s ok if you’re taking a break, this just seems like something I’d like and would participate in once new prompts and figures and stuff come in!
Hiya, Lissi! Yes I am! Things are just a bit hectic now as I’m preparing for Thanksgiving holiday (parents coming to visit and then traveling back to their house) but once I can find a time I’ll post the next prompt!

I’m very excited to see you participate!! Thank you for drawing with me <3
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