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Mafia Build-It: Video Game Edition [ENDGAME]


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Build-It! Video Game Edition!

Hey guys, and welcome to my latest game: Build-It: Video Game Edition! This’ll be a sequel of sorts to older games I hosted here under the same title of Build-It. The idea behind Build-It is that you build a building which then gives you a role, as opposed to having a role from the get go. I will go into more details with the mechanics below, but simply put you can imagine that you may get a blueprint for a hospital, and then you can build that blueprint which means you now have a Doctor role.

In this specific case of the game, every blueprint will be a video game location. I have tried to just keep it as locations I would count as Iconic, however there are some other random ones thrown in for the sake of fairness. Counteracting this there may be some locations with more personal bias, but I’ve tried to keep it as fair as I can with the ideas of locations and what games they’re from etc.

For this particular rendition of the game, you can expect most roles to have two abilities each, these may both be active abilities, or a mix of an active and passive, or two passive abilities. I don’t intend for this game to be a super balanced one, as it relies on RNG for distribution of the buildable blueprints, and many players will have more than one ability, meaning a lot of power role action in the night, on account of the lacking amount of vanilla roles outside the opening day. This means you may get a game where there are no normal roles to speak off, or there’s a possibility you can have more than one of the same role. Lastly, there is also the possibility for your role to change.. It really comes down to what buildings players decide to build. Again, this will be explained a little more clearly in a spoiler tag below. But I just wanted to put this disclaimer here.
Role: Raccoon City Police Department
First Ability: Bulletproof Vest Distribution
Description: Each night, you can distribute a Bulletproof Vest (BPV) to a player of your choice, granting them protection from one night-time attack.

Second Ability: Investigation
Description: You have the ability to investigate a player each night, determining whether they are aligned with the town or pose a threat.

You are sided with the town. Your win-condition is to eliminate all threats to the town and ensure its safety.
The Rules:
1. All Bulbagarden and TWR rules apply.

2. Not posting in 48 hours means you get an activity prod from me, if you dont post for another 24 hours after this, I will be forced to sub you out or unfortunately modkill you.

3. This game will be No Outside Contact (NOC), this means you may only talk about the game in this thread, no PMs, Discord etc. (Unless specified otherwise)

4. The game follows a 24 hour night, and 48 hour day cycle.

5. Do not loophole abuse, if you aren't sure on something PM me before you post anything elsewhere. You are allowed to tag me to say "Are we allowed to talk about ____" In thread. (Although I'd prefer to be asked in our PMs) Attempting to do something that you should know is wrong will be punished accordingly.

6. No quoting anything in your Role PM, you may only paraphrase.

7. Role-claiming is allowed.

8. The game will use a standard voting system, which means whoever has the most votes at the end of the day phase will be lynched, regardless of how many people voted.

9. Votes should be done in the format of VOTE: (Name) and UNVOTE: (Name), this both makes it easier for me to find and is just a little cleaner to read, in my opinion. A tie in votes results in a no-lynch. Voting for No Lynch is fine to do.

10. Most importantly, try and have fun!

Each phase, an unspecified amount of blueprints will be handed out to players on a random basis. Once a player receives a blueprint, they will be given the name of the building with no further information. Once a player has a blueprint, they may do the following in ANY phase;
Build <Blueprint Name>: This will build the building, giving you that location as your role, and the abilities that come with it.
Peek <Blueprint Name>: This will allow you to learn the exact abilities of the role, presented to you as though you had gotten the role PM.
Destroy <Blueprint Name> OR <Building>: This will allow you to completely remove a blueprint from the game, not allowing that location to return to yourself or any other player. You may also do the same for the building you have built, removing your role and allowing you to build something new.
Give <Blueprint Name> to <Player Name>: This will allow you to give your blueprint to another player.

Unless specified otherwise, all players have access to these actions. All of the actions listed above apply at the end of a phase, regardless of the phase they are used in, just like night actions.

As always, it's entirely possible I missed something so feel free to ask anything so I can ensure everything is clear for everyone :)
Rules can be subject to change and will be said in thread if I do change anything. This game is a large game so signups will last a maximum of 30 days, or whenever signups fill. Whichever comes first. It's entirely possible to run this game with less players, but we will see if its a big chunk of empty slots or just a couple to do this.
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i am considering joining. the concept is interesting enough i might decide to change my mind about that thing i said about cute animal mafia being my last game. for now, just put me in as a spectator
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