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Mafia Build-It: Video Game Edition [ENDGAME]

Day One Start

It is now Day One. This phase will end in 60 hours from this timestamp (- about 20 minutes)

Blueprints can and will be sent from this message onwards. Blueprints actions act like many other actions, if you have a blueprint and you Build it in Day One, it will be built for the phase update for End of Day One / Start of Night One.

You won't be getting them randomly, only during phase updates.

Good Luck, have fun, and don't be afraid to ask questions! I don't bite!

Ok maybe a little bit...
60 hour phase wow.

So if I understand the rules correctly Mafia can get town abilities from blueprints right? So claims are less important here, and currently everyone should be vanilla anyway (maybe Mafia or an indep start with a role?). Reads are gonna be very important this game, so make sure we’re all keeping a close eye on interactions everyone!
I'm thinking of the same too, if there was an independent. If not a Survivor, maybe a Lyncher, something whose goal would not interfere much with how this game is structured.
I wouldn't mind a 36 hour Day 1 since there's so little information to go around.
Yeah this is fine with me as well if the players want it! Would have to be unanimous though just for fairness' sake

It was my first idea as I guessed people would want less with no info, but then I also thought it gives busy people just a bit more time if needed lol
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