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Mafia Build-It: Video Game Edition [ENDGAME]

Disagree. Pure WIFOM. In fact I think one of his first games had him bus teammates. Also he and I were mafia in a game on ZD and he played the distancing act on there with our other teammate.
My first bus was you on Chaos lmao. I was genuinely getting tilted by that player at that point and it threw my whole game away.
This is said towards lissi, a push against voting Mudkipz
It was actually trying to get Lissi to have an opinion. But that didn’t work :sadsola:
My last reason is that Jamie really pushed the Lissi elim HAAAARD. If he's mafia, he thinks it's town that he's pushing (he doesn't know she's indep) so it feels like a really easy thing to push to get an easy miselim.
You wouldn’t push after seeing an ISO like that? I was certain that was last scum.
Vote: JamieIsBored

This has been a wild endgame. I'm hoping this is the right decision to make after thinking things through over and over this phase.

Regardless, this has been fun and good game everyone!
You wouldn’t push after seeing an ISO like that? I was certain that was last scum.
I mean. I did vote after seeing that ISO.

I'm talking about beforehand as well, pushing hard prior as a policy lynch and promoting Quas' idea that lissi was faking it.

And before you bring it up, yes, I did the same, but it's not about me. It's about you vs Mido.
post melffys to ease the pain


Final Day Six Votals:
Midorikawa: I (JamieIsBored)
JamieIsBored: III (Midorikawa, TheCapsFan, Divergent)


Your abilities are as follows:
Build <Blueprint Name>: This will build the building, giving you that location as your role, and the abilities that come with it.
Peek <Blueprint Name>: This will allow you to learn the exact abilities of the role, presented to you as though you had gotten the role PM.
Destroy <Blueprint Name> OR <Building>: This will allow you to completely remove a blueprint from the game, not allowing that location to return to yourself or any other player. You may also do the same for the building you have built, removing your role and allowing you to build something new.
Give <Blueprint Name> to <Player Name>: This will allow you to give your blueprint to another player.

However, because you are sided with the Mafia you have the following abilities which you can use each night, as well as both at the same time.
Kill <Name>: As it says on the tin, you have access to a factional nightkill.
Forge <Name of Location>: This will allow you to forge the name of an iconic video game location. You will submit any location you can think of to me, and at the end of a phase I will announce the building has been built like any other. It will show up in the post just like any other building, like so: "The Arkham Asylum has been built!" This ability is not revealed to the town on death until the last mafia member dies.

You are sided with yourselves. You win when you eliminate the Town.


Nether (Minecraft)

Into Fire:
Once a night, you may target a player and burn them. Using this on the same player you have already used this on once, will ignite them and kill them.
Into The Overworld? (PASSIVE): You know that the Overworld (Minecraft) blueprint exists. This does not mean it has been given to a player, or that anyone has seen it at all yet.

JamieIsBored has been lynched, they were sided with the Mafia!

With all Mafia and Independant forces destroyed, the town is safe! The town team wins!

Arkham Asylum (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

Your abilities are as follows:
Poison Ivy's Vines: Once a game,
you may target a player and roleblock them for a night. During this night you will enter an anonymous chat with them (Any messages you want to be sent to them will be sent to me). You must then choose during the night phase to kill the target, or keep them alive. They will not know who has targeted them, and they are under no obligation to reply to any messages sent on your behalf. This ability must be used during a day phase.
Scarecrow's Gas: Once a game, during a night phase,
you may target two players. Their actions, if applicable will be used on one another. Blueprint actions do not count, and both targets must already be using their ability for this to work, if they idle their action the ability will not work.
Azeroth (World of Warcraft)

Alliance VS Horde:
Your second ability changes depending on whether the phase is even (Alliance), or odd (horde).
For Azeroth!:
Use the Dranei's insight to pick a target, and then reveal what their role is. You will not learn their team.
Use the Orc's bloodlust to pick a target, and then maim that player. This makes them bleed out over the next two phases, after which they will die.

You may not target the same player twice. You may only use your abilities at night.
Lumbridge (Runescape)

Duke Horacio's Diplomacy: Twice a game
, during a night phase, you may target one player. They will receive one more / less (dependant on your choice) votes from the vote count. They will not be notified. If someone has 0 votes at the end of a phase however, this effect will not take place.
Goblin Infestation: Once a game, during a night phase, you may kill one target.


Well that's that! First of all as always thankyou to everyone who played. It was a 14p game that we filled so that's pretty cool! The redacted Mafia ability was the Forge ability. Pokemon Center was not a real location. (Although the Indigo League was!) Congratulations to the Town team, commiserations to both the independents and our 3 mafia members.

I had a ton of fun hosting this, I wish I was around a bit later in the phases to answer questions quicker and such, but besides that I had a lot of fun, I hope you guys did too! I'm happy to answer any questions about the game (or in general I guess?), I would like to ask some questions but as always never feel forced to answer, they're mostly to gauge the good and bad of the game.

Did you enjoy the game?

How was the blueprint mechanic?

Would you like to see Build-It come back in a future game?

If so, is there anything you'd change?

Anything else you'd like to add?

Again, thank you all for playing!
Good job team!! :bulbaLove:

And well played Jamie, you were my top town read for most of the game
Everyone did really well! I had fun!

Did you enjoy the game? Yes!!!

How was the blueprint mechanic?
It was fun! If only I didn’t forget to submit my actions lol

Would you like to see Build-It come back in a future game?

If so, is there anything you'd change?
I may have just missed it but maybe tell us we can use actions during the day at the start lol

Anything else you'd like to add?
Nothing off the top of my head
Did you enjoy the game?
Yes! Sorry I was inactive for the first day, and that my motivation was pretty low - but all things considered, it was a fun one.

How was the blueprint mechanic?

Pretty good. I like that you're able to destroy others' blueprints as well. Kind of a neat little touch.
Just for the record - are you able to gain a blueprint/peek at a blueprint if you already have a building built? I think we determined this was possible, but it never happened to me during the game.

Would you like to see Build-It come back in a future game?

Absolutely. This is one of my favorite series' of yours, would love to see it continue.

If so, is there anything you'd change?

The Forge ability is neat but I'd maybe make it X-shot & give Mafia another 1x traditional "mafia" ability. Maybe Rolecop or something.
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