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Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

Well, I'm having a steroid injection tomorrow in my thigh and I'm having some serious mixed feelings about it, due to my fear of needles. Everyone I know who's had one says they work and I'm hoping that will be the outcome and I can finally do sports again.
I thought steroids were illegal when it comes to sports? Unless I am missing something with is likely.
steroids are prescribed to people or otherwise given in several different medical cases
taking steroids purely to enhance muscle growth/athletic ability is what is illegal or otherwise frowned upon
After telling myself I will not play BDSP, I caved and purchased Shining Pearl because it was half off at Gamestop.

At first I thought this game was too faithful, yet I appreciate the similar experience with quality of life changes such as box link and pressing X to throw a Pokéballs. My old age tells me these children have it too easy and don't know the struggle buy its made what was a tedious game a breeze.

Apologies if this is too off topic but my random musings didn't seem to fit anywhere in the BDSP section.

In other news I now have 11 Ogerpons because people will give away anything for a shiny pokemon regardless of stats or origin.
Are people really that desperate for a shiny? What about more common shinies? I have a shiny mankey lying around, what do you think I would get for that?
I have received Ogerpons for shinies that don't even look that different from the normal Pokemon. Thankfully my army of Hyper Trained Ogerpons makes Tera Raids a breeze.


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