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Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

I've had an incident where my luggage had stayed behind at a stopover in Kenya while i was back in the Netherlands, but they got that back to us in a few days. It taking two months is ridiculous.
Meanwhile I've never taken a flight with anything more than a carry-on bag.

I've also only taken like one flight that I can remember (I've taken more than one flight but the other ones are when I was a wee toddler and remember jack and shit)
My last flight was to my summer home with my grandpa cuz we both needed a break to get away from home after my grandpa had to rush down here on a flight cuz my dad had to go to the hospital because one morning he started vomiting blood and ended up passing like a week later The flight back to my summer home was like a month and a half later, obviously we didn't just fly back up after my dad died. We had to deal with his funeral and a whole bunch of other shit.
I deleted my original Pokemon Sun file and started a new game yesterday. I've never appreciated the time delays between releases until I started Sun right after I beat Y. I feel overwhelmed yet I also know its impossible to complete my Pokedex in Y so I really have no reason to play after postgame.

Also I learned that Friend Safari literally requires friends on the 3DS. Quite shocking!
god the friend safari was such a weird mechanic... three encounters per friend but one of them was completely locked unless said friend was online. so weird

also i hated the music in it
I really thought it was possible to use Friend Safari without friends yet here we are. I added pretty much anyone who played Pokemon back in 2013 now I have nobody on my 3DS.

I really don't care for time limited features.

In other news I blitzed right to the Battle Chatelaines using a Moxie Krookodile that knows Power Up Punch. I'm not surprised that Krookodile can no longer learn that move its totally broken.
That just sounds nasty. A Krookodile with Moxie and Power UP Punch? Wow. That sounds broken has heck.
It was Adamant too. I wanted to replicate this in Gen 9 but alas Game Freak thought ahead of me.

Combine that with a Gardevoir that knows Thunder Wave and a Venusaur that knows Light Screen and Toxic and it walls off the AI.
Hi everyone! I'm surprised I haven't showed up here yet, I hope i'm not interrupting anything '^^

how's everyone's day going?
Hi everyone! I'm surprised I haven't showed up here yet, I hope i'm not interrupting anything '^^

how's everyone's day going?

hi welcome to the conversational chat!!!

for me, i'm being lazy because work is slow so i'm not doing much else other than lurking the forums and discord. what about yourself? o:
Trying to balance personal work stuff and general activity here. Playing around with some writing and art ideas as well to see where that gets me (especially trying to get the ball rolling on some gijinka concepts I've been thinking about for a bit)
Hi everyone! I'm surprised I haven't showed up here yet, I hope i'm not interrupting anything '^^

how's everyone's day going?
I'm doing alright, visited my grandpa at the place he's getting therapy at and now I'm finishing up a gyro pita at Miami Subs before I get ride home
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