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Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

it was, depending on the version you're playing he describes the pokemon that attacked mabosstiff as either "rampaging" or "metallic, machine"
Both are referring to Paradox Pokémon though.

Moral of the story is that scientists are villains.
beryl help me survive a couple more hours of school

mao is going crazy next to me help
listen to lisia she knows what shes doing

Both are referring to Paradox Pokémon though.

Moral of the story is that scientists are villains.
yeah that's why i said they were paradoxes lol
but true! :wynaut:
School advice? Life never goes as planned. I studied political science to become a lawyer. Ah the naïveté of youth. I'm quite happy things didn't go as planned. Don't be rigid is my advice.
I can’t BELIEVE I missed the train talk a few pages or so ago, shame on me. Sorry, been lurkin’ around!!

How’s it hanging? All my friends have been talking about how their finals are approaching, so good luck to everyone here doing those before break!

Wouldn't finding a Flash game site be hard considering Flash is dead.
Kinda yes, kinda no. There’s extensions out there to play flash games on, but some are still inaccessible even through that. Also depending on if it’s archived iirc… Some flash games made it to HTML5 though! I remember playing cubefield a lot in school.
Run 3 is like my #1 time waster now, I recently found the (admittedly incomplete) HTML5 version and now I just go there whenever I need to empty my brain lol
Do the games on Coolmath still work? I thought most of them wouldn't work anymore now that Flash is gone.
My fave Pokémon villain is also Lusamine but it's because she's hot and also at one point I joking called her Lusamommy and now that's just in my phone dictionary forever
They made a villain who was so raw they had to spend the next several years pretending they didn't

Tbh I like goofy anime mom Lusamine despite never watching the anime, she's funny in the gifs I send to friends on Discord
Why are you guys saying Lusamine is a villain? She did nothing wrong. Protecting Pokemon from abuse is quite noble. I am in no way biased in this assessment.
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