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Bulbagarden Staff Drive 2018 Is Now Live! [No Longer Accepting Applications]

Due to the forums being closed for maintenance recently, app discussions were delayed. We're working as quick as we can to make sure everything runs smoothly for our new hires, so stay tuned!
I was going to ask, what was up with that? That was the longest downtime for the forums I think I've seen since maybe 2010 when we had all those 404 errors.
The forums had been running unbearably slow for a few days, and so, they were shut down while the issue was looked into.

I noticed that just before they went down. At first I thought it was my internet connection, but when it started happening across multiple connections, I figured that it had to be the forums themselves. Still, nice to see the issue fixed, and I look forward to seeing who the new staff are!
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