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Non-Mafia Bulbagarden Survivor: Paldea - Minish wins

the small boards have to be aligned like in a normal tic-tac-toe board to count as a win from my understanding (so in rows or columns or diagonal)

but the site mentions ties in small boards being treated in two different possible variants: not counting as X nor O; or counting as both a X and O

Attention everyone: Outside communication is now locked permanently. ExLight, Minish and Raven may only interact in the thread.

It's time to write speeches pitching your gameplay to the jury and explaining why you deserve to be voted the winner. Send them in your confessional. I will give you 24 hours so they're due 10:30 pm EDT tomorrow (UTC -4)

I will put them all up in the thread at the same time to no one has an advantage for getting their speech in early.
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