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Non-Mafia Bulbagarden Survivor: Paldea - Minish wins

Hi, let's see how you all did!

East Province 2.0
DawningWinds 189
JamieIsBored 147
Mint Elv 129
Minish 209
Sheeercold 37
Zexy 137

South Province
Pikochu 0
mehmeh1 131
ExLight 200
toastghost 211
FennecWitch 302
RavenRaziel98 138

Minish and FennecWitch will be exiled, you may not talk to either of them or vote for them, and they will not vote. They will return when both tribal councils are done.

A body has been discovered!

... Wait wrong game. What I mean to say was @Minish and @FennecWitch return from exile to take their first look at the new East Province 2.0 and South Province tribes, where Sheeercold and Pikochu were voted out at the last Tribal Councils.

It's also their last looks at those tribes because they're gone. Welcome to the merge - You are now one tribe. From this point on, all immunity competitions will be individual. You can speak to whoever you want (including Fennec and Minish, they're no longer exiled) and vote out whoever you want as long as they're not immune.

The thread is now open for replies from players, and will function as your new Tribe Chat. You may still make use of Private Messages when you have things to say meant only for specific people.

Let's call this Cabo Poco tribe now.
I indeed did not expect this to happen yet either... Not that I mind too much, it won't make too huge of a difference probably.

The mid tribes lasted for so little that no meaningful alliances were made imo, at least in our side that I know of. Dawning aside obviously, I kinda trust Fennec the comp MVP from our original tribe more than any of Minish, Jamie, or Mido.

If any of the players I have not had a chance at all to talk with would like to approach me, I would be welcome, but I cannot promise anything.
Welcome to your next challenge... well really this isn't a challenge.

It's time for the Auction! Here's how it will work.

You each have 500 tokens. In your confessional, you can bid your tokens on any of these prizes:

  • Individual Immunity
  • Mystery Prize 1
  • Mystery Prize 2
  • Mystery Prize 3
  • Mystery Prize 4
  • Mystery Prize 5

The prize will go to the highest bidder. You can go all in on one prize for a better chance to get it, or distribute your tokens on multiple prizes to try and grab more than 1.

Discussion and coordination of what to bid on is banned, every player can use their own discretion on what to bid on. However, you're free to share what you got after the auction is over! (You're also free to not share it, and free to lie about it too :))

Just FYI, the mystery prizes are advantages, except for 1. The bad one won't handicap you in the game or anything like that though, unless you refuse to cooperate. It'll just be silly.

"But what if people tie for the highest bid?" I got the solution to that, you guys will do a tiebreaker challenge.

Your time in this slide puzzle will determine your priority if your bid is tied with someone else's. The lower your time is, the higher your priority. Send a screenshot of the completed slide puzzle in your confessional, you can submit as many times as you want, I'll only count your fastest time.
Make sure the timer is visible in your screenshot.

However I would strongly suggest you use a computer when doing the slide puzzle and not a phone. Also, block the ads on the site.

When everyone has sent their bids and done the tiebreaker, I will reveal how many tokens each item went for, but not who won the item (except for Individual Immunity which will be publicly announced).

Your deadline to send your bid and your completed slide puzzle is July 7, 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)
Will post countdown shortly.

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