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Non-Mafia BulbaRonpa: The War Room's Killing Game (MASTERMIND VICTORY)

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well actually only one person has left to submit now, which i think is the best this game has managed so far
Just a hosting tip, it is better to not share this. In this game format it won't matter much, but in a more scum role heavy setup people may pick apart EVERYTHING mecha info related the host says ever and use it in cases that can be game-deciding.
hilariously in this situation it actually doesnt mean much of anything o.o
noted for the future though
in terms of mecha info i did actually main d.va back when i played overwatch... havent touched it ever since they started promoting overwatch 2 and i havent played that one either
Beginning of Day 3
I did get another FTE. Not sure if I should say who yet.

Also no kill means either inactive or purposely idling mastermind, or picking someone who managed to get a roommate?
is that a question directed toward me?
If it was, I would mention you. This is just a thought for others to consider. That said, if you do indeed believe it is worth answering, please feel free to do that.
what i am willing to say is that the mastermind cannot choose to not kill anyone
Looks like someone forgot to post their thing ok who submitted a night action last night dont have to say what but we can see who is active and work it out from there unless there is a hidden modifiers
Not open for further replies.
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