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Non-Mafia BulbaRonpa: The War Room's Killing Game (MASTERMIND VICTORY)

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Yeah we have less than 3 hours left and nothing important has been said

As I see it, I do not wish to ever vote for Ex Quasar and Potato today, these are the only somewhat town reads. I do not mind voting helperman since they claimed lynchproof. I am also still interested in voting Max. No need to vote Toast either yet since his lynchproof was confirmed, better confirm someone else first or go for an unclaimed. Also kinda do not want Mido or Minish gone yet, but that is not really town read, just wanting to give them time.

For now

VOTE: helperman
i wonder if potato will ever find out why helper voted for him

on an unrelated note steven is my personal favorite champion (unless you count n but i don't as he himself rejected the title and as such calling him champion feels somewhat disrespectful to me)
As long as we only vote claimed lynchproofs, everyone is surviving for longer, and has more chances of getting FTEs, ideally with people they trust. We should use these FTE chains to circulate the non-lynchproofs one night phase at a time, hopefully without the mastermind knowing for as long as possible.

I am not sure if it is worth having one claimed show up each day, or if we should stop all public claims at once and let ambiguity exist for a while, but anyone who already did it is a safe enough option until we think of a better strategy.
We may also need to stop claiming if we got new FTEs unless it is our first FTE, and let info flow without thread knowing, if something is cross referenced and double checked (info goes around in a circle of 3 or more ppl) it is more likely to be true.

Each non-lynchproof claiming only to one FTE each night, only if a death happened the previous night, and if we are not done before final 3, assess how this might have influenced the kill options.
new vote count!

helperman: Zexy, ExLight, Potato-6, toastghost
Potato-6: helperman
not voting: Mint Elv, Max1996, Quasar_Catfish, Minish

exactly one hour left
Beginning of Night 3

The girl, a nervous wreck, lies in bed. Over her stands a bear armed with a syringe. She squeezes her eyes shut, and in the needle goes... deeper, deeper, deeper yet...
She's on a rocket. She's not sure how this happened or quite why, but the experience is so titillating she can't help but squeal with glee as she holds on tighter and tighter and tighter, hair and dress blowing in the wind as the syringe-rocket she's straddling blasts off higher, higher, higher-
All the way up into the ozone layer. Mikan Tsumiki is burnt to a crisp, and even in her final moments, she is unaware of what is transpiring...

Mikan Tsumiki (@helperman) has been executed! They were a Student!
Night 3 begins now! Forget the popcorn, and make sure to cell phone your turn-offs!


And of course, a message from the lovely folks at Consumer Opinion:
ExLight.", as said by the brilliant @JamieIsBored!
Why would helperman lie? :(

Also Jamie thinks it is Ex and wants us to know? I really do not think it is Ex, but we should consider it at final 4 (YLO is actually then and not final 3 if the lynchproof is not used up).
i really don't think there's any point for lying about being lynchproof cuz being lynchproof can make you execution fodder, so this was a really weird move for help.
jamie, what's your reasoning for ex?
Jamie is ded, he cannot really tell us :(
This is like a graveyard chat report.
Why would helper lie about bing lp thats just an objectively bad move
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