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Non-Mafia BulbaRonpa: The War Room's Killing Game (MASTERMIND VICTORY)

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Both of mine are, because I am really not sure what our strat should be anymore. I mean I do have three town reads and one scum read and two policy nulls, but that is all. If I don't reveal them yet, I could help stuff change.
So basically our only confirmed LP is toast and I think I know of 2-3 more, but we have no idea what Zinn was?
Actually I think we should all post our actions for the past few nights. It might give us some clues.

N1: Visited Zexy. He wasn’t home.
N2: Visited Minish. She was home and we got an FTE.
N3: stayed home. No one visited me.
N1: Visited Ex, got FTE
N2: Stayed home, got FTE and another visitor (no FTE)
N3: Stayed home, no one visited
i do think the killer is someone somewhat active and that had played with them both in the past and is a bit paranoid of them

I'm slightly leaning towards mido or zexy as the mastermind
I wanna hear it
Day 2, Zexy changed his vote to Max at the last minute, causing all people to be tied, feigning that Max now has two votes by apologizing to him. Since we do not know what happens in the event of a tie (not even the Mastermind nor Calvin knows either), its possible that all tied parties are voted out, since the host has revealed the Mastermind may have "bonus abilities" in aiding themself in getting rid of all the Students. Zexy's goal was to get lynches on all 5 people with votes.

I interpreted Zexy's apology as Max having a 2nd vote, and changed my vote to Jamie in order to induce a tie (between Max and Jamie), but in reality Jamie had two votes while the other players only had one, causing only Jamie to be voted out instead of potentially five players. However, my change in vote helped Zexy by pegging my action as weird, thus deflecting people's eyes away from him.

Since this is only my second game playing Mafia with Zexy, and he had not yet seen my graveyard/spectator chat comments on the Chess game at the time of this vote, he can't necessarily understand my playstyle. I primarily focused on flavor solving in the previous game (Go Rush!) and haven't played very much Mafia in several years, so Zexy may think I'm not as competent as the average TWR player yet, and thinks I would be an easy blame to get voted out for on a later Day.

However, after the subsequent Night ended, Zexy seems to trust me a bit more based on my comments about the Host's "accidental reveals" about what should be hidden information. Whether this is Student Zexy trying to regain trust between the two of us or Mastermind Zexy aiming to get me to trust him more while he masquerades as a Student, I cannot be sure. Mafia Zexy is very skilled at the game, convincing a majority of players to put him in their Town Core in Chess Mafia, even.

This is purely a wild conjecture and very much tunneling on Zexy. Other people's comments on this are definitely appreciated, especially from Zexy himself.
hold it hold it, them reveals were NOT accidental
maybe that's what the quotes are for though, sorry, carry on!
Gun to my head, if this was final 4 and I had to pick one, I would pick Mido. She has the correct combination of meta to kill Zinn/Minish and being null overall.

If I go by the lynchproof theory, I would say toast, then someone who claimed it to me in FTE

I do not believe it is Ex or Quas, this is not because of some host confirmation, it is because of how they brought up strategies that would amount to shooting themselves in the foot, and for Quas in particular being too bold at EOD.

Max is null but I would rather policy out while we still can, than risk later.
As for the last minute Max vote, I honestly thought there was one on him, mastermind me would not risk it and actually check the vote count. But even if my intention was to lynch multiple people at once, this would just confirm multiple lynchproofs before mastermind can kill them while still unclaimed, so it would help town more. Also my read on Quas has nothing to do with his (assumed or not) skill level.
I think he does because they expect me to protect them?

I also agree with a handful of quas' posts

just for the record, are you lynchproof, quas?
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