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BW-P Promotional Flygon exposed: Card to be Japanese BW6 box promo

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Nov 13, 2005
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BW-P Promotional Flygon exposed: Card to be Japanese BW6 box promo

The promotional card for buying a box of either of the Japanese 'Freeze Bolt' or 'Cold Flare' expansion has been revealed to be Flygon. The two subsets will be released July 13.

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All I have to say is <33333 FLYGON! I'm so excited, I want this card.
a fighting and a grass, and you have to discard both?! seems a bit steep for a Stage 2.
I believe this to be the only non chance based paralyzing move, and if they dont have a swap that means 100 damage for them and they can do basically nothing for there turn. then either if you have stacked energies on him you can do 80 more damage to finish it off not paying cost or simply retreat and let something else finish it off. :D IT SO BLOODY BOSS!!!
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