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BW023/BW024 (Unaired) Script Release Fundraiser

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Sep 11, 2012
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The fundraiser page.

In 2013, these scripts were purchased by [Identity Withheld for Privacy Reasons]. They scanned the pages and sent them to their friend [Identity Withheld for Privacy Reasons], whom I will now refer to as the Seller. For some reason or other, neither party chose to share what they had online.

A while back, I contacted the Seller and asked them if I could arrange a purchase of those scans. We talked and the price landed on $4,000. I thought I could pay it with my savings, then got the unpleasant reminder that I'd pre-pledged much of those savings on more important matters (family, business, etc.) The Seller was upset, as they felt taken advantage of, bringing up bad memories of being harassed over the script scans in the past (they has anxiety issues, which is another reason I'm withholding their identity). But I sincerely wanted to make that deal and still do, and I want to share the script page scans for translating as well. That's why I've started this fundraiser. If you are able, please donate what you can.

I have spoken with Webmaster Archaic on this matter, so he can vouch for my sincerity.

Translation of the example script page:
`image of [...] city, and the Meteonite shining down on that city, burning like a sacred flame at the top of the Ancient Castle.
Araragi(offscreen): "The ancient people managed to successfully control the Meteonite. Apparently volcanic eruptions blotted out the sun in this area for a long time, and the Meteonite is what saved the people back then."

25: Sand Buggy (Night)
Satoshi and the others listen with flabbergasted expressions.
Handsome: "Team Rocket are likely trying to revive the technology from back then using modern science."
Dent: "Is the organisation you're chasing doing the same?"
Handsome: "No... My mission is to expose their true form. But I haven't been able to grasp what their secret operations have been trying to do..."
Iris: "Since they stole the Meteonite, Team Rocket and [...]`
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Hey there!

This sounds interesting, as I am a fan of lost media. I wonder, if you have contacted any youtubers about this fundraising. I think you can easily get attention of some poketubers and lost media fans, and people will fund known this might be the only change to get those scripts online. Good luck getting the money needed!
You should try Serebii forums, reddit, twitter and poketubers to garner a lot of attention. Many people do want to see this scrips, myself included. If a lot of pokefans donate at least one dollar I’m sure they will meet the goal soon. If we can’t watch this episodes, reading the script is the next best thing. I hope you succeed!
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I suggest using GoFundMe or IndieGoGo.

Good luck! :)
I'm disappointed nobody ever asked Tom Wayland and Carter cathcart about this episode back in the day.
This thread can be locked/removed now; the fundraiser has been closed with refunds to all as I have obtained the scripts scans thanks to the generosity of their original owner. You can see them here.
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