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Review BW107: Satoshi VS Kotetsu! Secret Weapon Sazandora!!

I like Kotetsu, he entertains me and makes me laugh. His scatterbrain mind is what makes Kotetsu appealing to me.

If Kotetsu defeats Satoshi I'll just see it as Kotetsu was strong enough to defeat Satoshi despite the mistakes made.

I noticed Kotetsu's battling style is mostly head on, it actually makes the brutal Sazandra a fitting Pokémon for him.
That battle is far to be my favorite (like this whole league), but, character wise, I'm totally fine with Cameron. His "strong point" is exactly to be dumber than Ash, but, juggling around quite efficiently with repectable pokemon, Cameron is great by his own merits.

I say... heck, he managed to survive by himself all this time (probably, with riolu's help), with no companionship beside his pokemon! And being totally stupid in a level that BW Ash himself is far (?) to achieve! Seriously, when I think in someone like Cameron defeating Ash, i just have a revenge feeling pretty sweet. There is something amazingly good in have Ash losing to someone who's just himself, but in "turbo mode". :D
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Watched the episode and I must say the battle is bittersweet. In the preview for the next episode thread, I already discussed my distaste for Cameron having 5 Pokemon against Ash’s 6 and the confusion that maybe caused if the match ends in a draw so I won’t talk about that instead I’ll just focus on the battle.

This match is just another example of how trainers can have powerful Pokemon and not know how to use them efficiently or to the best of their ability.

I gotta say Oshawott’s picture was adorable on the scoreboard xD

Tri-Attack’s animation was pretty sweet it was a nice demonstration of how it incorporates 3 elements into 1 attack not to mention all 3 dragon heads firing an attack.

Finally, Pignite knows a fighting-type move! No telling how many Ex. Points it got from taking down that dragon! I'd say it taking out 2 Pokemon was a great confidence booster not to mention showing how far it has come from a Tepig that was ashamed for losing due to its past experience with a trainer and now it battles for the sake of having fun, trying its best and working as a team with Ash.

Seriously, I may not be a huge fan of BW-Ash but that relationship with Tepig/Pignite makes up for some of it because we still see that same Ash that cares deeply for his Pokemon.

Ash, really who uses Pokemon bound do lose to a pseudo-legendary? Oh well, Oshawott did get a few good shots in, wish the same could be said for Boldore…

Cameron is seriously a Bianca-type battler just calling out moves for the sake of calling them out.

I wish Ash didn’t just have Pokemon go until they fall. He seriously should have called back Pignite. Must have been thinking since Bianca’s Emboar beat Samurott then so could Pignite…
Bet he wish he had of kept him when Lucario made the scene…

That Bubblebeam from Swanna was the saddest one I’ve ever seen when Pikachu was dodging was it only like 4-5 bubbles that are actually seen hitting the ground. The scene where it was hit from Wing attack looked like the scene from episode 10 when Tranquill hit Pikachu with Aerial Ace.

I felt really bad for Unfezant, I mean not to land one hit but all for the sake of plot. Riolu is cute but that creepy smile when it used Force Palm on Unfezant kind of took that cuteness away.

Snivy was the best! I loved that “It’s on now bitch…” face it had after being slammed into the wall! Then using Vine Whip to pound Riolu on the arena floor was priceless!
But then that all turned around after Riolu evolved…
Looks like Cameron defeats Ash instead of Virgil, which sucks especially with Cameron having 2 pokemon left possibly, where does that leave Virgil

Before I even started Best Wishes I heard people were raging over Satoshi's loss. I was wondering why. I thought it was for some silly reason since I've been watching long enough to know he would lose again.

Anyway, the battle was... fine. I guess. Even the Riolu round started well.
I don't mind those random evolutions mid-battle. It's been happening since forever. If it can happen to Satoshi's Pokémon it can happen to his rivals. But it was way too obvious it was a set up for their almighty god of coolest pokémon ever who's not a legendary but can never be seen losing in the anime, a.k.a Lucario.
I'm kinda pissed. Gonna watch 108 later, but I know the outcome already.

At least it can't be as bad as the BS last battle in Sinnoh.
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