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Preview BW96: Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!

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Meloetta on a cross!? I'm christen and this second time they went againist the lord.

...what was the first?

Well in A Call for Brotherly Love, the way SolarBeam was taught. Even Ash and Iris joined in because it's bonding too.
If you saw the episode you remember that part. See for yourself!

The following Dioluage:
It's the scene where Cilan teaches Pansear solarbeam. But they bonded too by absorbing the sun but what made me mad was the diloluage.

Cilan: Open the door to your heart like this
Chili: Alright Baoppu let's try this!
Cilan: Can you hear the voice of the grass and trees?
Chili: Like we can hear those.
Cilan: If you open your heart, you should be able to hear them.
Iris: I think I heard something.
Ash: Me too.
Chili: Oh, I think I'm starting to hear it too. Somehow, it's a very soft and kind voice.

Cilan: The first thing is to open the doors to your heart
Chili: Alright Pansear let’s do it
Ash: Pikachu let’s do it too
Iris: you too Axew
Cilan: Can you hear the voices of the grass and trees
Chili: Sorry I can’t hear a thing
Cilan: Once you open your heart you’ll hear it
Iris: Hey I think I just heard it
Ash: Me too
Chili: You know I’m starting to it as well it’s a very soft and gentle voice but it’s there

Chili said it's a "very soft and gentle voice". It sounds like their worshipping nature. It's more like worshipping instead of training and bonding. The "voice" has to be Arceus in his grass form (Arceus is the pokemon god). The dubber were lazy and didn't edit the script so it won't sound like worshipping nature. I mean that scene is almost going againist the lord. Can't they talk about something that relaxes them and happy thoughts like "oh rainbows their so relaxing and beautiful" then it won't sound like worshipping nature. See what I mean?

What is wrong with worshiping nature, exactly?
2 days until the episode airs, I can't wait to see it. :) I hope the hype was worth it.
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