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Preview BW96: Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!

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Outside of Persian, Giovanni never had any signature pokemon. Just random pokemon we saw briefly back in Kanto in Viridian Gym.
Just because we haven't seen them doesn't mean they've been retconned. Especially since they're mentioned in Twitter.
Meloetta on a cross!? I'm christen and this second time they went againist the lord.
Meloetta on a cross!? I'm christen and this second time they went againist the lord.

Crucifying isn't exclusive to Christians and their saviour. Other people had the chance to enjoy hanging on a cross thanks to the Roman Empire as well.

I wonder how Shirona will show up in this episode. Maybe she hid some microphones in Satoshi's clothes while he was sleeping in her villa? :p
Smash is airing and holy shit:





To add onto that:


He looks so bloody creepy.
Meloetta is being crucified and Sakaki is possessed by the devil. THE FUCK IS THIS.
Persian attacks Pikachu with Hyper Beam and is sent flying into Satoshi!
The dude looks like he has a red seal orichalchos on his head.


maybe TR's ultimate plan is to summon the divine serpent AKA rayquaza.
Satoshi & Meloetta are captured.

Seger and the Trio watch Sakaki bring his plan into fruition.

Not very exciting at the end there for Smash.
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