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Preview BW99: The Tag Battle of the Sky and the Earth!

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True but that's not what's happening here and you know it. Iris is already getting two episodes to herself. She will be battling in one of them, so she will be fine as far as battles goes. Iris and Ash don't get along well enough for a tag battle yet.
It will be Cialn, because in the magazine image we can see Bullet Seed, which only Pansage knows (unless Snivy learns it too)
Would've preferred Stunfisk, but Pansage is ok. When was the last time he had a good battle? At least it's not Crustle this time...
How interesting, we've had another リーク in the anime already. Name recycling's alright with me! :p
So, who will battle the twins? I hope it is Ash and Iris.
This episode is a waste of time unless any of Ash's Pokemon evolve and learn new move!
This episode is a waste of time unless any of Ash's Pokemon evolve and learn new move!

You could say that about most of the Sinnoh Saga, and to be honest I'd agree with you. However, it's always good to see a fun battle, especially tag battles. I would love to see something like that here though.
This episode is a waste of time unless any of Ash's Pokemon evolve and learn new move!

No episode is a waist if there is a battle, not to mention a double battle that will be happening. This is good for the upcoming league just in case you should know.
Right now we can't answer whether this episode is just another "filler," or if one of Ash or Cilan's pokemon will learn a new attack.

In either case, I am glad that Braviary is debuting here, and that we get to see more of Drilbur, a pokemon species that really didn't get a lot of anime appearances on its own up until now.
I hope it will be Palitoad so it can evolve and learn drain punch
Unfezant screentime. Good. Maybe it will learn a new move or have new one it learnt off-screen.
Nice to see Kenhallow getting some time in before the League. It'll be interesting to see how she works with Yanappu..two fully evolved flying types against type disadvantages. From the art, Warrgle looks like a nice mix of cute/bad ass :3 The twins don't look all that memorable or exciting, but the battle looks like it might be good.
Unfezant will definatly get a new move, the reserves don't appear in fillers very often anymore
Hmm, Unfezant and Pansage haven't interacted much. I honder how they'll get on with each other.
Ash's Unfezant appearing more than once over the course of ten episodes. It must be a miracle.
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