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Captain America vs. Iron Man vs. Thor vs. Hulk vs. Ant-Man/Hank Pym vs. Wasp

The Greatest Avenger

  • Captain America/Steve Rogers

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • Iron Man/Tony Stark

    Votes: 5 35.7%
  • Thor/Donald Blake

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • Hulk/Bruce Banner

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • Ant-Man/Hank Pym

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • Wasp/Janet Van Dyne

    Votes: 1 7.1%

  • Total voters


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Apr 15, 2010
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Since we have a Batman vs. Superman thread, I think it's fair that Marvel should get its showing. The Avengers are coming up with a movie next year, so let's start with their original lineup, plus Captain America who joined only four issues in. Who's the most powerful? Who's the best character? State your reasons. You know the drill.

And no, I don't expect Ant-Man or Wasp to get many votes, but they are part of the original lineup, so they're part of the poll. 'Sides, the lesser-known guys are pretty cool, too.
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Voted for Ant-Man. Always been one of my favs, and he's had some of the most interesting plot lines within the Avengers titles themselves (plus a huge number of aliases. Gotta love that). Cap's a close second, though.
To me, the lineup is very strange, but then again, I am not into Marvel as much as I have into DC.

I am going to go for Wasp, who I believe is a female? Yeah, that's my first instinct when I saw the list, because while I appreciate and thought the other guys are stronger, like Iron Man and Hulk, to me Wasp sounds rather underrated (I may not be right here), so I vote for her.

Thanks for reading.
I'm actually a fan of all of the characters in their lineup for various reasons (except for Wasp, who I admit that I'm unfamiliar with). Tony Stark has always been well-written and I love his ability to triumph largely through the power of engineering - the recent movies have only reinforced this. Thor is part of a line of mythology that I'm quite fond of, and his portrayals tend to be fairly good. Captain America is like a better version of G.I. Joe with an awesome shield (much more interesting combat than gunfights), Banner/Hulk is a great Jekyll and Hyde superhero story, and Hank Pym was an interesting and capable scientist character in the few appearances of him that I've seen. They've all got great things backing them up, but Tony Stark's superiority-though-engineering and witty banter has me won, Civil War be damned.

My overall ranking of the team tends to be (with a fair jump in opinion between the first three and last three):

Stark/Iron Man > Blake/Thor > Rodgers/Captain America > Banner/Hulk > Pym/Ant-Man > Van Dyne/Wasp
I love Ant-man, Didn't expect anyone else too though... I can't wait for his movie! (I hope it still comes)
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