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Caption the Screenshot! (V2)


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May 9, 2015
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Hey everyone.

After much consideration, the staff have decided to create a new Caption the Screenshot thread. In this game, people post an image and write their own caption underneath.

However, previous instalments of the game have ended due to inappropriate content. As such, each post in this thread must adhere to the Bulbagarden and F&G rules, with extra care on the following:

The rules said:
12. Don't post offensive or oversexualized images (Inappropriate Content) [10 points, 4 months]
- Don't use pictures that focus on or draw attention to breasts, buttocks and/or crotches (even clothed) as avatars or in your signature.
- Don't use images of partially nude people (in lingerie, in underwear, etc.) as your avatar or signature.
- Don't use imagery associated with hate movements, ideologies or groups (Confederate States, Alt-Right, etc.) as avatars or in your signature.
- Outside of avatars and signatures, excessive or disrespectful use of such images may be considered Inappropriate Content or Abuse and Harassment.

13. Don't post porn or similarly shocking content (Graphic Content) [10 points, 4 months]
- Shocking content includes gore, brutal violence, heavy amounts of blood, etc.
- Porn includes images featuring partial or full nudity or images depicting sexual acts or situations.
- Historical or famous non-sexualised art such as Michelangelo's David or Nirvana's Nevermind album cover are allowed.

So everyone can enjoy the game and it can continue to be playable, please do not post any inappropriate content. This includes images and captions of an overly violent or sexual nature. If posts like these are found within the thread, it will be closed and it won't be returning.

In addition to the forum rules, the following game rules are still in effect;

1) We ask users not to post more than three screenshots in a row, three captions in a row, or a combination that totals to more than three. This will make the game more efficient with less unnecessary images or captions.
2) Any screenshot that is larger than 400 pixels wide or 400 pixels long should be under a spoiler tag.
Pages won't be as long this way and members have the choice to view the image or not. We also ask that a combination of screenshots that in total exceed the above limits should all be under a spoiler tag as well.
3) Hotlinking to any other sites is forbidden, especially from filb.de. This means that users are not allowed to copy and paste image locations from places like filb, Serebii, or any other websites that displays screenshots. Instead, we encourage the use of image hosting sites like Photobucket, ImageShack, or tinypic.
4) Guessing references to captions should be kept to VMs and PMs. Users who post guesses to references or cookie pictures will receive a Irrelevant/Repetitive Post warning. However if users are captioning a post with a reference, they may state what the reference is within their post so that others don't have to guess. This is so irrelevant posts don't clog up the thread.

Please enjoy the game and make it enjoyable for others :) Have fun!
Pikachu and little Pikachu.png

How cute, a small little Pikachu back before Pichu even existed. X3

Ash: I been seeing people like you doing things to legendary Pokemon that would hurt them and everyone else, and I'm tired of it!

Tapu Koko: Okay everyone, I like you to meet Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini since you already met me and Tapu Lele. The red one is Tapu Bulu, don't make him get mad and stay on his good side. The blue one is Tapu Fini, be nice to her and show that you're very nice. It took me and Tapu Lele a while to get Tapu Fini to come with us to meet you humans and convince her that you humans are very nice.

Alain: This can't end well...
Lysandre: I just hope some people get to make some nice captions before NeoBlaze shuts it down again.

Alain: This can't end well...
Lysandre: I just hope some people get to make some nice captions before NeoBlaze shuts it down again.
I'm not shutting anything down? What I am doing however is merging this thread with the already established Caption the Screenshots thread in Fun & Games as it fits better there. @AnimeboyIanpower

Happy captioning everyone!
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