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Ceruledge to join the fray in Pokémon UNITE from June 13th — Battle Pass Season 24 details announced

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Ceruledge joins Pokémon UNITE on June 13th
During the Pokémon Japan Championships 2024 this past weekend, it was announced that Pokémon UNITE's newest playable Pokémon, Ceruledge, would be making its debut on Thursday June 13th. The announcement was also accompanied by the promotional video for Battle Pass Season 24, which will be available to buy from Thursday June 6th.

Ceruledge joins the fray this month!
Ceruledge will join Pokémon UNITE on June 13th. Ceruledge will start off as Charcadet, and evolves starting at Lv. 5. It is an physical attacking Melee All-Rounder with Intermediate difficulty.

Ceruledge was first announced to be joining Pokémon UNITE along with Miraidon and Falinks all the way back on Pokémon Day on February 27th. At the time of writing, no further details on Ceruledge have been officially confirmed, however Ceruledge has been available in the public test server since last month.

Battle Pass Season 24 features Champion Style holowear for Blaziken and Tsareena
Battle Pass Season 24 and June Unite Club details announced
Battle Pass Season 24 will be available to buy from June 6th, running through to July 25th. This Battle Pass will feature two new Holowear: Champion Style for Blaziken and Tsareena. A new series of ranked matches featuring the Draft mode will also be held from June 6th to July 19th.

June Unite Club membership reward to feature HipHop Style Holowear for Cramorant
Additionally, the reward for June's Unite Club membership will be Hip-Hop Style holowear for Cramorant. With the monthly Unite Club membership, players receive new Holowear every month, and two trial Unite licenses and trial Holowear per week. Other benefits include 40 Aeos Gems per day, a discount on limited-time fashion items, and special members-only portrait frames and chat speech bubbles.


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