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Cilan VS Brock

Cilan VS Brock

  • Cilan

    Votes: 46 48.4%
  • Brock

    Votes: 49 51.6%

  • Total voters


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Nov 4, 2010
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Well, since people are making anime comparisons, how about Anime!Cilan vs Anime!Brock?

Both are cooks who are the first Gym Leader and have traveled with Ash (or are currently traveling with him in Cilan's case)
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Re: Dento VS Brock

I prefer Brock. Mostly because I can't understand what Dent is saying XD
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Re: Dento VS Brock

Brock on! *votes for Brock*
Re: Dento VS Brock

Brock. I got to know him better and he made me laugh every once in a while.
Re: Dento VS Brock

I prefer Dento. Brock was just way too stale and boring for me.
Re: Dento VS Brock

Dent . Brock lost his usefulness as time went on .
Re: Dento VS Brock

At the moment I'm going with Brock because he has a better relationship with Ash
Re: Dento VS Brock

Aw, bummer. I love both a lot, and while Brock has got stale over the years, because he was just thrown on the background, we haven't seen much of Dento yet. But... I'll go with the fresh blood this once, because I think Dento is certainly an interesting character to watch for, thus far So much for eye candy, too. (Also, while I do love brown, green pwns it, cough).
Re: Dento VS Brock

I picked Dento simply because I like his gentlemanliness and his speciality in Grass-types, not to mention his personality.

Thanks for reading.
Re: Dento VS Brock

Dent, of course. He is quite awesome, even though I disliked his eyes at first.
Re: Dento VS Brock

Dent. While the rock master perv whore did really get on my good side, I just kind of like Dent more, with the pokémon he uses, stuff like that.
Re: Dento VS Brock

I prefer Dento. I may not have liked his eyes at first, but now they add to his awesome fantabulousness. I just really like his civil personality and his design and how sparkles literally eminate from his head.

Brock's cool, too. I just way prefer Dento's personality over his.
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Re: Dento VS Brock

Dento, because of its fabulous appearance.
Re: Dento VS Brock

I picked Dento because I just love his personality. Plus he has a sexy voice lol.
I like the earlier Brock (Kanto - Hoenn). He was a funny guy but he really knows his thing. And also because he has Crobat. :D
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