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Clever Pokémon Nicknames

A Lucario named Rocky B. It would have fit a Hitmonchan better on second thought, though.

Also, TEHROXXORS the Roggenrolla.
Chorizo for my Charizard (cos it's spicy)
TNTree for my Exeggutor

That's all i can think of right now.
J-Lo for my Bellossom
Cowell for my Granbull
S. Tyler for Simipour
R. Jackson for Snorlax
Chyna for my Machamp (male)
Joan Rivers for Gyarados (also male)
Hmm, for a Flareon, how about BurntToast? (Someone posted that on a another website.) Or for a Glaceon, Fat.
I don't like to nickname my Pokémon, but if I were to do so, I'd nickname my Gardevoir "Rosalina", because she reminds me of Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.
My Pokémon nicknames tend to have meaning, like my Pokémon X team:

Chesnaught: Awesomenaut. When I heard Chesnaught, I thought of the really epic game called Awesomenauts. :D

Vivillon: Mestralia. When it was a Scatterbug, I thought Scattering something would create a mess. That's where the 'Mes' comes in. The 'Stralia' is from how it is from Australia and has the River Pattern.

Charizard: Megaxo. A fuse between 'Mega' and 'X' (Because it usually holds Charizardite X). The 'O' at the end is for the name to sound better.

Aegislash: Skife. In a resource pack called 'YummiCraft' I made for Minecraft (YummiCraft makes Minecraft a Candy Land), there is a Skittle Sword. That's where I got the 'Ski' from. The 'Ife' is from knife.

There's a few! :D
Well, I don't know how smart this is, but in my Pokemon Y, I named my Female Pikachu Ashley, 'cause of Ash Ketchum in the anime, and Ashley is the Female version of Ash.
I always nickname my Pokes, though some are more on-the-nose and obvious.

My current Gen 6 team:
Delphox: Vixy (I actually lucked out in getting a female Fennekin)
Diggersby: Roger
Talonflame: Philomena
Gogoat: William
Heliolisk: Solshock
Pangoro: Po

I have others with nicknames, like an Aegislash named Excalibur, a Malamar named Kracken, and a Klefki I named Alicia. XD
I like naming mine after Muses and Various things

Melpomene: Leafeon
Tisipone: Umbreon
Calypso: Dragonair
Morpheus: Absol
I think naming Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash after famous swords (e.g. Excalibur, the Vorpal sword, Durandal) would be pretty cool.
Meowstic I named Psynyar. I don't know what it has to do with a stick anyway, or if stic means something else.
I named my Espurr (which I never use, but...) Khoshekh, because it's a Psychic and Psychics can levitate. My Chesnaught is Marisson, and also of note is my Pikachu named Statta.
Meowstic I named Psynyar. I don't know what it has to do with a stick anyway, or if stic means something else.

The "stic" comes from "mystic".

As for me, I have one more: a Vaporeon named Undine (a water elemental in folklore). It fits her pretty well.
Not a big fan of Emboar itself, but I quite like the name Boarbeque.
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Some of the nicknames I can remember are:
-"Casper" for my ghastly
-"Fire Red" for my charmander
-"Selene" for my cresselia
-"Maneki" for my meowth
-"Chronos" for my dialga
-"Hades" for my giratina
Volcarona: Incubator (because I used it to hatch eggs)
Breloom: Book'em (because I use it to capture pokémon)
Noivern: 194 (because it's the maximum dB value, it is literally impossible to be louder)

Other than that I go for (usually two-word) names that are suitable for the pokémon in question.
Weavile=Gutslicer, Blaziken=Dreadfist (among others), but they aren't necessarily "clever" as such.
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