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Communal Bulbagarden Dream Journal

Something about going to a restaurant, but there was no employees for some reason, so I had a fight to the death with my normally very nice grandpa about whether or not it was a okay to just take the food or if we should wait for the employees which seemed like they where never coming back so that it wouldn't be stealing. I was on the side of just take the food.

I'm just as confused as you about this
i woke up kinda pissed because i had a good dream for once. i owned a cute little puppy!! and i was playing with it and everything!! it felt so nice and peaceful!

... and then i woke up to reality. u_u
had a dream that i was on a flight. for some reason one of the advertised features were these devices you put over your mouth and it let you project your consciousness into some sort of apparition outside of the plane. i was projected as Marisa Kirisame from Touhou, flying on her broom alongside the plane but way closer to the ground. at one point i guess people started being invaded and possessed by the projections?? and attacking other people on the plane. during this though i was mostly concerned about trying to use the plane's restroom, which was a full multi-person gender neutral restroom with stalls and everything. i don't remember much after that
I had a dream that I had to teach someone Octopus’ Garden on the ukulele through some sort of online thing. I don’t really know how to play ukulele but somehow I happened to abandon them. I went back to check on them and I feel like they were complaining about me.
Last nights dream was

me and my friend (Mao/hiimhereandboredtalktome) we’re somewhere, a school trip I think. We were doing something before that I can’t remember but now we’re walking to a football stadium looking thing (there’s basketball going on inside) and then we get glared at by some people who I can’t remember if they were the government or the school staff (I think it’s the latter, also dr Gaul from the hunger games was there) so we kinda ran cause they’re scary and I think they don’t like us.

So we go into the stadium thing and our principal asks for money, neither of us have money but… for some reason I get an envelope with a card and $60. We go to pay with it but apparently one ticket is $50 so we just make a run for It.

We go in and see some guys (the guys from school known as the “soccer guys”) in some seats and they say hi and we go to sit down but they’re like. The single worst seats in the entire place cause the face outwards.

I can’t remember what happens next but I think I drop the envelope of something out the side of the stadium and it’s really short so we just jump and idk what happened next
It was some weird mix of my school and the capitol school the main characters of the hunger games prequel book go to… like. It had the hunger games uniforms and some of the people from there and then it was essentially my school (not the same building, but it was like a present day American/canadian high school)

i ended up doing stuff with Coriolanus (the main character of the prequel, he’s a really bad person but he was… a bit better in The dream? Idk. We were trying to get into this other school (or maybe it was ours? Idk) idk why but then we went in through a side entrance and there were a bunch of spiders… (actual quotes from me that i remembe: “Coriolanus I don’t like this coryo coryo get us out CORYO SPIDERS” and he’s just like. “You’ll be fine Lissi” and dream me is just panicking while trying to keep up

oh wait we were trying to get into some fancy rich school (idk why though). My science teacher appeared and asked us to join yhis science club, which means once a week we go to this fancy rich school and Do science stuff ig. I’m thinking that we shouldn’t go because then (actually I can’t remember my reasoning) and then there is an upside cause we will be in that school once a week. I end up just trusting coriolanus on this (bad move dream Lissi, don’t trust Coriolanus…) anyways he says we will go

tbh I can’t remember much else except for the fact that at some point we were leaving the fancy rich school amd I didn’t have a shoe… idk
i made a suit that allowed me to fly with the help of my grandpa. when I was looking for help making it bulletproof, a guy with access to a lot of top-secret stuff supplied me with some material designed to be used in mattresses but abandoned because it was too tough. I had a fight and was helped by a guy in giant red iron man armor who had a name that was fire-related. the man in the red armor was captured by the government and his armor (and possibly him) was fed to a living machine. later, I fought these creatures that were like beautiful white dragons but with fur or feathers. they would come at night and sing a song that made people dance towards them so they could eat the people. the next day, my little brother was taken somewhere by a girl I didn't trust because she was there when the army fed the red armor to the machine. her method of taking my brother where she took him was levitation. I followed and discovered that she was from a secret wizarding school and wanted to show my little brother around. that was the end of the dream. I woke up and somehow went back to the dream multiple times throughout this.
dude... i forgot all of the major details, so maybe writing it here is cheating, but i just woke up from a nap and i remember VERY vividly that i had a dream that was

1. completely nonsensical and absurd without being abstract, if that makes sense?
2. entirely centered around pierogis

i have no idea what this nonsensical, pierogi-filled dream was supposedly about. pierogi eating contest? someone i know tried pierogis for the first time and that somehow results in something weird happening? my family moves into a house built entirely out of pierogis?!
i will never know.
Last night I dreamed my family and I went to Japan. This is bizarre because going to Japan is not something I have ever thought about. It's way down the list on countries I would visit. Nevertheless, I liked it in the dream. Lol. We were in a shopping center or something. Also, it felt very realistic and it prompted me to realize that I don't have a passport and me wondering how I got there and if I was going to run into trouble.

(Perhaps a nice reminder that I need to get on getting a passport ASAP!)

A couple of nights ago I dreamed about someone I formerly fell hard for but it was unrequited. She's a musician. We both were performing in the same ensemble for some odd reason (she's a professional, I'm a mediocre hobbyist, this makes no sense! lol). We played different instruments, so we were across the ensemble. After the rehearsal or performance (whatever it was), I tried to find her and talk to her but she was already outside walking off to her car in the dark. She was gone, and I was outside in the dark, realizing that I didn't even have a ride. Feeling very lonely and panicked..

The latter dream was hard for me when I woke up that way, because it gave me a renewed want to be with her - something that makes no sense. What are you doing brain? :cry:
I had a dream that a classmate of mine was asking me a question, but I couldn’t understand because they were talking total gibberish. I asked them to type it for me, and it was some weird word that started with an m. I think I had this dream because they mumble sometimes.
For an activity, we ran because we heard if we got to a certain place the sky would turn green. Dad grabbed us and carried us and jumped over multiple moving trucks. People that fix cars and trucks grabbed guns that shoot oil and tried to shoot oil at us. One of the teenaged boys in our group got hit.
I had a strange dream last night where I was participating in an online battle tournament in Scarlet and Violet that had been organised by users on the forum. It wasn't going very well though as I'd completed 7 battles and lost all all of them :LOL:

Apart from losing all the battles none of the dream made any sense though as I don't battle competitively and would be the last person to participate in a tournament. My team also didn't make much sense either as I remember Beautifly being my lead pokémon and Zoroark also being in the team but everyone else was using teams of legendaries. Beautifly also isn't even available in Scarlet and Violet.
First the dream was about breaking into a military base. Then it became about these cyborg things that were being made there. Then it became about running from a zombie cyborg horse that had escaped and thought I was a giant apple.

The breaking into a military base looked realish, but the whole cyborg thing was filled with 3d video game graphics.
i'm not sure what it is, but i consistently dream about owning a dog or a cat, even though i own neither and haven't owned a pet in over 15ish years. @_@; but yet in my dreams, they appear as if... they've been a normal part of my life the whole time and i don't really question it. it's odd, really.

posting to say that this still happens, as of my recent dream. pretty sure i was owning multiple cats. what could it mean?? who knows. but the cats were adorable.
I was looking for Mario Vs. DK at Bestbuy though all I could find were Kanto Starter and Pikachu plushes on the shelf. There were barely any physical games there because I think Bestbuy was getting rid of all physical media, which they are trying to do.
Yeah, this one is pretty dark, so I'll put a spoiler tag up...
So I just had a dream of this British man, I want to say from the Victorian Era England where he and other Englishmen had to enter battle in the land of a Japan island to avenge some of their fallen men in a war. It was "live-action" so to speak, taking elements from a recent new hit show "Shogun." The dream also seems to take elements from the game Ghost of Tsushima. Big epic battles happen and I'm seeing them right before my eyes as if I'm actually there, but the characters don't notice I'm there. In the end, the antagonistic samurai is defeated by the man and his crew, and the samurai runs off to the woods and somehow on his own ties himself to a tree for an unknown reason. When the man asks what he is doing, he continues to show contempt to him and insults him even while tied to the tree. In response, the man says, "Well, you know we have a bit of a tradition back in my home." The samurai, realizing what he means and what he's about to do, utters "No" rapidly. "It's called a hanging!" and he cuts one of the ropes that the samurai used to tie himself to the tree, and he ends up hung by his neck, finally dead for good.

I'm not 100% sure what to take of this dream besides apparently I consume a lot of dark media, though I'd be lying if I said it was a boring dream.
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