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Communal Bulbagarden Dream Journal

Last night I had the weirdest dream. I was staying at the same hotel as a politician who I'm not going to name, and I had to steal bacon and eggs from his fridge to make an omelet.
last night I had a dream Pixar released a trailer for a movie with what I assume was a kitsune protagonist (she had fox ears and was holding an actual fox in her arms). I don't remember what the title was though. I got really interested in the prospect of Pixar seemingly covering Japanese mythology, and got disappointed waking up realizing it was a dream.
Last night, I dreamt about Terrance and Philip from South Park threw this HUGE party at my house and they invited damn near 70 people they invited about 65 people to the party. This party was pretty wild, to say the least. All the party guests were just destroying shit in my house left and right, from the living room to the basement. I tried to get them to stop at first, but nobody listened to me.

Now mind you, I just wanted to have a small party and have only a few people over, but Terrance and Philip were like "fuck that!" and they basically turned my house into a strip club. These songs were playing in the background as everyone was having a fun time and destroying my house.

Terrance and Philip invited all sorts of people into my house, ranging from fictional characters from other fandoms (Shrek, Family Guy, SpongeBob SquarePants, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros, Rayman, etc...) to celebrities, and they even invited ADOLF HITLER to the party! I wish I was making this up. :bulbaFacepalm:

Needless to say, I put my foot down and started berating and cussing out at all the party guests for trashing my house. I even told them to clean up all the mess they made before ultimately kicking them out of the house.
Double post but my dream was

I went through school as usual until the end of first period art cause apparently I fell asleep and only woke up at 5:07 according to my watch but it’s actually 3:11

My band teacher wanted me to be part of a special performance thing “cause I’m good” apparently (I am good)

Idk what happened next but it switched and I can’t remember the exact details but I know for sure I’ve had a dream in the exact same place where the same things happen just not the same plot
i had a dream i went back to high school whilst still doing college. the teacher was a total condescending asshole and i called her on her shit, but i guess she just. forgot to try and give me detention or anything.

there was also a shelf in a hallway that just had a lot of Flandre Scarlet dolls and figurines
Underverse released a new episode and blueberror was in it, he was monochrome for some reason but he was animated like it was official and the whole dream was me freaking out about it, yea I was a bit disappointed when I woke up
i had a dream my girlfriend and i were looking to adopt a dog, so we went to this shelter to look. the first “dog” they showed us was this about the size of a puppy, reminiscent of a giant tick, but instead of legs it had this rusty metal frame that looked a bit like a bear trap, and the rest of its body was kind of a fleshy sack. very silent hill. we didn’t adopt it because it was scary.

the next one i remember was something called like. “555 SISYPHUS 11”. it was a floating red cube that distorted when you look at it. after looking at it long enough it turned into a little lamb with a bunch of blood soaked into its fur. it was genuinely very cute and i loved him but we didn’t adopt him because we didn’t want him getting blood everywhere and because sheep seemed harder to care for.

the third “dog” was what i can only describe as rejected mascot horror characters. they were these little plushies in many colors that would start to vibrate and move towards us until we pushed them back. i kept trying to shut the closet they were in, but more suddenly kept manifesting without my notice and i kept having to stop to shove them in. the dream ended once i finally got them in since my alarm went off.
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