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GO Community Day plans?


Quaxly Boy
Jun 9, 2012
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Poliwag Community Day is coming up!
The latest one ever within its month, as far as the 30th, a bit too much on the peak of the summer heat in the Northern Hemisphere.

So what are your plans? Going to play? It is a shiny that did not have boosted odds before, with 2 final evolutions, somewhat decent new exclusive moves for GBL...

Do you have any friends to play with? Or would you prefer playing alone?

Feel free to discuss anything pertaining to this event!
Even with the heat in the northern hemisphere, I probably will end up playing Poliwag Community Day.

I never really make any “plans” for community day. I have a reminder on my phone though to tell remind me it’s community day.

I usually do community day for the shiny Pokémon. At the least, I try to find one or two shinies, but sometimes I end up finding MANY more.

I usually just end up playing alone because you can easily find a shiny anywhere without the need of any help. I do have company with me.
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