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Corrupt a Wish v2


Aug 16, 2005
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You, the current poster, state a wish.

The next poster posts how it's corrupted and then posts their own wish.

Seriously. After you post the corruption, then POST YOUR OWN WISH.


P1: I wish I had a dollar.

P2: Granted, but your dollar explodes.

I wish I owned a trainset.

Now let's start.

I wish I had some caramel candy.
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Granted, but in downloading it, it used up all your free disc space making your computer slower.

I wish it wasn't raining where I live.
Granted, but it turns out to be alive, like Chuckie.

I wish I was faster.
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Granted, but he wished for you to bang your head against the wall

I wish that my shiny Heatmor would hatch faster.
Granted, it has the worst iv's in the whole world. As in, it doesn't gain one stat at all.

I wish I remembered to post a wish
granted the world becomes obssesed with pokemon

i wish i didnt have to go to school 5 days a week
Granted, they are in the sky. Good luck driving on an overpass.

I wish farmville wasn't a crappy version of Harvest Moon
Granted, but upon startup, it freezes.

I wish for a hoagie.
Granted, but the bread is moldy, the cheese smells bad, the lettuce is dirty, and the meat is infected.

I wish I had something better to do with my time today.
Granted, you will be spending your day working in a dark coal mine for no money

I wish to see my friends
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