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Crack Pairings - A discussion

there's some other crack shippings i like too.


there's more crack ships i support but that list will be too long.
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I like J/Zoey. Seriously, I am borderline obsessed with this ludicrous pairing.
;A; I've been liking the idea of Arti x Volkner lately AND I DON'T KNOW WHY. I think it's because they both have ties to Kamitsure, and I imagine it as an almost spiteful relationship on Volkner's side ;.;

Also, Brendan x Lyra. PuffPastryShipping ;.;
Also also Ash x Cheren, which is crack until he appears as a rival or something.

Watching the first two BW episodes makes me want to ship Shooti x Paul...

Good. Then I'm not the only one.
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