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Create a move for the user above

Ancient Disco
Base Damage:
Type: Normal
Category: Special
PP: 5/5

Description: The user plays ancient music loudly, guaranteeing Paralyzation. However, if it misses, it will deal twice the amount of damage to the user.
idk you all that well but I tried

Move: Quick Jab
Type: Normal
Base Damage: 40
Accuracy: 85%
Category: Physical
PP: 10

Description: The user shares a quick jab with the target, lowering the Attack and Sp.Atk of the target. It may also lower the damage caused by their next attack.
Merciful Garuru Cannon
Type: Ice
Category: Special
Base Damage: 100
PP: 5
Accuracy: 80%
Uses the enhanced Garuru Cannon on it's left arm to fire a subzero beam at the opponent. It has a 100% chance of freezing the opponent.
Aura Imitation
Category: Special
Power: 80
The user draws on the Aura of the opponent's Pokémon, making this attack the same type as the last move the opponent used. Has a 20% chance to inflict confusion. Fails if used twice in a row.
Orchid Dance

Basically a +10 BP Petal Dance with a 10% chance to instantly heal the confusion at the final turn.
Type: Normal
Category: Status

Randomly uses one of the user's other moves.
Type: Grass
Category: Status

The Pokemon switches itself for a random Pokemon in the party. On the next turn, the Pokemon's party icons will be deliberately obscured with leaf thumbnails and the names/nicknames of the Pokemon are all obscured with "????????????". Be it a switch-in from just manual switching in one Pokemon or via a move; or even by being forcibly swapped in by the opponent using a move such as Roar or Dragon Tail, if the Pokemon that gets in the field happens to be the Pokemon that used the move in the first place, that Pokemon gets a +2 boost on every stat excluding evasion and accuracy. For loophole purposes, this doesn't work if there are only two Pokemon in the party; whether be it because the others fainted or the party only has two Pokemon.
Spirit Sketch
Type: Ghost
Category: Status

The user paints a haunted drawing of the opponent's most recent action, causing the user to use the most recent move used by the opponent.
Gaming Distraction
Type: Normal
Category: Status
Accuracy: 85

The user gives the target a Switch with the new Zelda open. For five turns, they have a 50% chance to play that game instead.
Hiphop Spin
Type: Electric
Power: 100
Category: Special
Accuracy: —

The user performs a hiphop spin (forgot what its name is) while electric sparks fly out and boosts their Speed.
Dimensional Shift
Type: Dragon
Category: Status
Accuracy: —

The user shifts the very world around them, disorienting all other Pokémon on the field. This sharply lowers their accuracy.
Leaf Bounce
Type: Grass
Category: Physical
Accuracy: 60
The user makes a leaf ascend from the ground in the target’s area and make them fly in the air, and then hit the ground with a crash, which can also damage their Defense.

Ghost Bite
Type: Ghost
Category: Physical
Accuracy: 70
The user bites the target and takes some of their HP, then turns the target into a Ghost type
(similar to vampire sucking blood and turning someone else into a vampire)
Type: Normal
Category: Status

The user enters the digital plane, dodging most effects that would affect the user. This move may fail if used repeatedly.

(Effectively identical to Protect)
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