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Sep 5, 2003
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Author's Note:

This is a follow-up to "D R E A D". If you didn't read that, there's a few parts you won't understand in this.

For the rest of you:
It's been several agonizing weeks. I refuse to write crappy material, and this has gone through several re-writes. Here's the first part, be brutal, let me know what you think. I appreciate the support!


"jessie" IS NOT the Team Rocket Jessie (i have plans for her)

* * * * * * * * * * *


Chapter 1

* * * *

It began with a howling roar, and a rip through the clouds.

A bubbling, burning rage that seethed and grew until it could no longer be contained.

Over the weeks it spread, lying in wait, biding its time.

When it struck, its insatiable hunger consumed the minds and bodies of all the world's Pokemon.

Within 72 hours humans fled their burning cities in droves.

The consuming rage is what brought this destruction.

And consume it did, until Pokemon Island was no more.

This is no longer a world of Pokemon Heroes.

This is a world of D E V A S T A T I O N

* * * *

15 Years Later

* * * *

Foxx awoke the same way he always did.
Naked, sweaty, and still dizzy from the night before.
He knocked an empty bottle of vodka over as he tugged on a pair of jeans. In his bed, Jessie sighed and rolled away from him. It was still early and she was on a completely different sleep schedule. He mused how much of a lightweight she was when it came to booze. He walked into the bathroom, took a leak and wiped grime from the mirror.

He was going to have to shave again. Sawing through hair with a combat knife was no picnic; he seldom kept up on his hygiene, but this was getting ridiculous. The toilet gurgled and he turned his attention away from the mirror. The water pressure was all fucked up, he would have to get Barry to take a look at it.

"Piece of shit." he muttered. He really needed a drink.

The fact that they had a semi-working toilet was nothing short of luxury, sometimes he joked they were spoiled. Then again it sure beat wiping his ass with a leaf. He frowned at the memory and left the bathroom. Barry was waiting at the end of the hallway.

"Hey dickhead." Barry called. "You gonna help me out here or what?"

"Shut up, Jessie's still sleeping." Foxx hissed. "What do you want?"

Barry flashed his teeth. His gums were rotting, Foxx was never sure if he was smiling or sneering at him.

"You and your bitch." he muttered. He hoisted a backpack onto his bare shoulders and beckoned Foxx to follow. They picked their way down the utility staircase and out into the lobby. Among the dust choked countertops and chairs ripe with mold, the sign "Wilson Hotel" was beginning to unhinge from the ceiling.

"What do you think?" Foxx asked. Barry shrugged.

"I don't know." He admitted. "If we take it down, someone's gonna notice. If we let it fall on its own, someone's gonna notice."

"So you're saying it's time to move."

"Pretty much."

"When?" Foxx was looking back toward the staircase.

"Stop worrying about the fucking chick, man," Barry grunted. "Jesus Christ, will you just relax?"

"Why don't you kiss my ass?" Foxx hissed. "What the fuck's the matter with you?"

"The matter with me?" Barry positioned himself in front of Foxx. His hand touched on the hilt of his knife. Foxx watched him carefully. "The matter with me is that we're a fucking TEAM, dickhead, and ever since you met up with that chick, all you care about is FUCKING, and leaving all the work to me."

"Fuck you." Foxx spat. "If it were you, it wouldn't be a big deal. We're fine. Jesus, we have enough food to last us--"

"Until the end of next week." Barry interrupted. "Get your head out of your ass."

Foxx sneered at him and Barry turned away. He marched up to sign and stood below it, inspecting the hinges.

"We should leave today." he suggested, leering over at Foxx. "What do you say?"

Foxx bit his lower lip. Barry was right, Foxx just didn't like his attitude about the whole situation. Then again living with a guy like Barry was never easy.

"Fine." he grumbled. "I'll go let Jessie know."

Barry waved him off and walked across the lobby. Before he left, Foxx scooped a nearly empty bottle of whiskey and took a swig. Nectar of the Gods. He returned to their hotel room, where Jessie was beginning to stir.

"What time is it?" she whispered. Foxx tossed the bottle aside and climbed on top of her.

"No idea." he said softly. He looked through the crack in the rotting curtains. The sun was peeking over the devastated skyline of the city. "Probably ten."

"How'd you sleep?" she asked, wrapping her arms around him.

"Good." Foxx lied. Jessie smirked.

"You're going to have to try harder than that."

"Like you care."

Jessie pulled him down, rolled him over and straddled him.

"If I didn't would I be here?"

"Good point."

Jessie sighed and relaxed her hips. She began to unbuckle Foxx's pants when he stopped her.

"You smell like whiskey." she muttered.

"Barry wants to leave today."

"Fuck 'em." Jessie answered, going back to Foxx's pants. He stopped her again.

"He wants to go without you."

Jessie rolled her eyes and pulled off her shirt.

"So just the usual." she replied. She lowered her chest toward Foxx's. He cupped her breasts in his hands.

"And you're okay with that?"

"Shut up." she grunted, grinding her hips against the crook of his jeans. "Take your fucking pants off."

"Angry sex is the best." Foxx mused, lowering his hands to pull down his pants. "Did you finish that vodka last night?"

They were almost off when Jessie paused. She cocked her head toward the door, listening intently. Foxx glanced at her, then at the door.

"What is it?" he asked. Jessie rolled off of Foxx, pulled on a shirt and crept toward the door.


"Barry's downstairs."

"It's not just him."

Foxx sat up. He was amazed by her. Ten years of being on the run and she was more honed in to her surroundings than he was. Slowly Foxx buckled his jeans and slid off the bed. His belt was lying on the floor, he pulled his knife from the sheath on it and met Jessie outside the room.

She stood poised, listening intently. It was a floor below but there were distinct voices drifting through the vents.

"Expecting company?" she asked sarcastically, her eyes meeting his. He shrugged.

"Meet me in the lobby. Be careful." she said, brushing her hand against his. He looked at her and glanced back at the hallway. Before he left the room he inspected a bottle near the door. Just his luck, empty.

"Fuck today." He muttered, and quickly made his way toward the utility stairwell.

Downstairs Barry was standing in the lobby. There were two people standing opposite from him. The man had a revolver pointed at Barry's head.

"..like I said." Barry said firmly, hands in the air. He was speaking loudly on purpose. "It's only me, and I was just crouching here for the night."

"Bullshit." the man seethed. He cocked back the trigger.

"What the fuck, man?" Barry protested. "You're just going to kill me? what the..c'mon, dude, I'm half naked for chrissakes. I'm a normal guy, like you! I'm just getting by."

"BULLSHIT!" the man pressed. "I know just what you are, I'm not an idiot. You're a fucking rapist and a thief! if it's not the fucking Poke'mon we have to worry about.."

Foxx was crouched in the shadows by the staircase. His hand was on his knife. He was still too far away to throw it, and even then he was a lousy aim. Not like it would matter, he was still a little dizzy from last night. Barry's back was to him, he was speaking loudly to get Foxx's attention.

Mission accomplished, but this situation needed to be handled delicately. The young couple were rattled, dirty, and just as grimy as Foxx and Barry. They meant business. Foxx didn't know how many rounds were left in that revolver, if any. Most scavengers shaved down pebbles to look like bullets. It could be anything.

Best not to take chances.

Foxx's hand slid of the handle of his knife. It was now or never.


The young couple looked up as a naked Jessie tore into the lobby behind them. She fumbled to the ground, scrambling to bring herself back up.


Foxx was halfway down the steps by the time the man turned back around. Barry had grabbed a block of cement and hurled it. Startled, a shot erupted from the revolver as the man stumbled back. Foxx was on the floor now.

"TOMMY, LOOK OUT!" the woman shrieked. Foxx reared back his arm and hurled the knife into the man's chest. He howled out in pain and doubled over, the revolver clattering away. Jessie snatched it from the ground and pointed it at the woman. Her chest heaved, her naked frame covered in sweat.

"OH GOD!" the woman sobbed, falling next to Tommy. A pool of blood was seeping out below him. She unbuckled her backpack and ran her hands over him. "OH GOD!"

Barry gave Foxx a cynical look. He plucked another shard of cement from the ground, marched over to the woman, and promptly hit her across the back of the head. Foxx sighed as he ran a hand through his greasy hair. Totally not worth it, they didn't look like they were carrying any booze.

"See?" Barry grimaced, pulling the knife from Tommy's chest. "See what happens when all you think about is tits and legs?" he cast a wicked glance over to Jessie, who sneered at him.

"Fuck off," Foxx spat. "You were being sloppy. You're lucky I even decided to save your worthless ass."

Barry's face twisted in rage as he wiped the blood from the knife onto ratty jeans. He marched up to Foxx.

"You wanna keep talking?" he sneered. Foxx stood his ground, watching Barry carefully.

"It's because of 'tits and legs' over there that we've got more supplies."

"Yeah, and it's also because of tits and legs that we gotta move now. Place is gonna be swarming with Pokemon who heard that shot."

Foxx took his knife back from Barry and walked over to the corpses. The woman was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. He tossed it over to Jessie.

"Put some fuckin clothes on."

While Jessie dressed, Foxx and Barry stripped the deceased of their clothes and supplies. Foxx dug through their backpack and fell back onto his haunches, defeated. No alcohol. Meanwhile Barry spent his time inspecting the revolver.

"How's it look?" Foxx grunted, trying on new socks.

"Like I don't have time to piss around with it, but I'll get to it eventually." Barry said, tucking it into the back of his jeans. "Let's get out of here."

The three of them gathered their things and left out the back. Around the front of the hotel they could hear screeching. It drifted through the empty corridors and out the windows of shattered glass.

They walked all day, keeping to back roads and alleys. They avoided cutting through buildings as often as possible. By evening, when the sun was beginning to dip behind the mountains, they set up camp in an abandoned bookstore.

Barry took out the deceased couples' food supply and they ate canned fruit for supper. Jessie sat close to Foxx, as Barry did nothing but grunt when acknowledging her. Jessie mused that Barry was embarrassed she saved him. They doused their meager fire when the howls rang out in the street and footsteps echoed along the empty business district.

Barry took his supplies into the back room and slept, while Foxx and Jessie curled up behind the front counter. The blankets were thin and musty, rotting from years of moths and abuse. Jessie clung to him like a leaf, running her hands along his chest.

"You never talk about yourself." she said softly.

"What's there to tell?" He was really craving a drink.

"I don't know." Jessie admitted. "Entertain me. The howling always keeps me up when I'm this close to the street."

"Should we go further back?"

"Nah, they won't see us in here."

Foxx sighed and stroked her hair.

"I don't really remember much from before I lived with those refugees in the forest." He admitted. "It's all a big blur. I barely remember my parents, pretty much just my mom."

Christ he wanted a drink so badly, Jessie was the only one who seemed to douse his urges.

"What was she like?" Jessie cooed. Foxx grinned, pulling her in.

"Warm." he said. "My dad…I don't think he was ever around, really. Shit this was years ago..you really wanna hear this?"

Jessie nodded. Outside there was a horrible screech, followed by a collective of running footsteps. Foxx shuddered. He never got used to nighttime in the city. Normally he just drank until he didn't care anymore. There was a shortage of booze around here lately..

"Well…I met Barry with the refugees in the forest. We lived there for years..hunting, camping, just moving around a lot. The forest was pretty big…it was on the edge of the mountains, so there was nothing for miles. Everyone kind've took care of me collectively…I never really had a "parent". Barry was the closest thing I had to a family, even though he's like a dick of an older brother."

Jessie giggled quietly. Foxx smirked.

"One day we just decide to break out and do our own thing. This was…" Foxx bit his lower lip. He could barely remember. "Years ago, I don't really remember. We broke apart from the group, and start traveling. We've just been kind've on the road ever since."

"You've never thought of going back?"

"Of course. But that group moves around so much, it'd be impossible to find them again."

Jessie nodded. "Our family was on the run for so long…a lot of times we could've paired up with other refugees but my dad said it was always for the best that we keep to ourselves. It's hard to trust anyone, y'know?"

"You trust me."

"That's because you're harmless." Jessie whispered playfully. Foxx grinned.

"What're you talking about?"

"I saw you today." Jessie replied. "Most raiders don't hesitate for a second to smash somebody's head in. You let Barry do it."

"That's because I'm a lousy aim, and I was still kinda drunk."

"You were fine. And with a knife, sure, but a rock's a different story."

Foxx adjusted himself as he held Jessie close. "I'm no different than Barry. I've done things to survive.."

"We've all done things." Jessie pressed. She rested her head on his chest. "I'm just saying you're the safest bet I've made in a while."

Foxx sighed and listened to the echoing howls. Something about them was hypnotic. They lay in silence for several minutes, listening to the eerie midnight orchestra. At least he was getting tired. Then he wouldn't think about liquor so much.



"Whatever happened to your family?"

"I don't wanna talk about it." Jessie yawned. "Goodnight sweetie."

Foxx grunted.

'sweetie'. He was tough. He was mean. She'll find out, he was sure of it.

Now he had to sleep on a bad mindset. As if a happy mindset would help.

Foxx hated sleep.

Though Jessie was curled up beside him, her head resting on his chest, he despised his restful state. When he closed is eyes, and began to drift off to slumber, shards of memories haunted him. In his sleep he was pursued by a dark, lumbering figure. As he ran there was no forward, and no backward. Foxx was running into a dark abyss that only opened its jaws for him. He was trapped in time and he couldn't leave. Around him was gunfire and shouting and screaming; a man with bleeding eyes was calling out to him. Another was gurgling blood as they reached for him, long gnarled hands clawing for him in the darkness.

"You know who you belong to."

Foxx awoke with a start.

"zzzz…what?" Jessie was stirring. Sunlight poured in through the dusty windows of the bookstore. Foxx's head fell back against his lump of clothes and he concentrated on his breathing.

"..what'd you say, babe?" Jessie murmured.

"I didn't say anything."

Barry lingered in the doorway.

"We have to go, there's somebody outside." he announced. Foxx and Jessie exchanged glances. Barry strode past them, picking his way over fallen books and debris. Foxx stood up, buckled his pants and approached the store window where Barry was looking out.

"Out in the street." He said softly, pointing. Foxx rubbed some of the dust off the window and looked down the street. Two men, dressed in rags were pushing a shopping cart down the street. It was overflowing, its only security being a blue tarp covering it.

"Looks like they got a lot of stuff." Barry murmured. Foxx hesitated. Then again they might have booze. Barry turned to him and sneered.

"The fuck's the matter with you?" he asked. "They got stuff. We need it. Get the fuck over it."

"Do we really need to do this?"

"Are you kidding me?" Barry asked. He shoved Foxx aside. "Are you fucking kidding--man, it's them or us. They have shit that WE need. What the hell is the matter with you?"

'You're a safe bet.' Jessie had told Foxx. 'You're harmless'

It rang back and forth in his head.
He weighed his options.
His stomach was in knots.
He could really use a drink right now.

Foxx bit his lower lip.

"So what's the plan?" he asked. Barry nodded.

"Glad you see my point." He replied sarcastically. "The plan is, I get the gun, hold them up. You're with tits and legs over there. You guys get around behind them and take them out."

"What's going on?" Jessie asked, standing up.

"We're gonna do a job." Barry grunted. "You up for it?"

"Whatever." Jessie sneered. Foxx rolled his eyes. Barry stuffed the revolver into the back of his jeans and strolled out the front door. Foxx and Jessie went out the back and ducked through the alley.

Out front Barry plucked the crude revolver from his jeans and coughed. The men stopped pushing the cart and turned around.

"Gents, I'm gonna have to ask you to hand over your shit."

He cocked back the revolver, aiming it at eye level.

Around the corner Foxx and Jessie were readying their knives. The men had all their attention turned to Barry, Foxx crept forward slowly.

"You don't want to do this, son," the man announced. Barry faltered, surprised.

"Don't talk down to me, old man," he shot back. "Give me your shit and you live."

The man on the right shuffled his feet. The left man held him back.

"Just go back where you came from."

Barry held his bluff, gripping the pistol with both hands now. His glance turned to Foxx and Jessie. They were only feet away from the cart.

Something moved.

"FUCK YOU!" Barry screeched. The men threw aside their rags to reveal .32 caliber hunting rifles.

"HOLY SHIT!" Jessie cried out. One of the men turned. Foxx was on him before he could pull the trigger. The other man fired at Barry, who toppled over. Foxx dug his knife deep into the man's lower intestine and pushed the man away, fumbling over to the last man whom fired a round that grazed his shoulder.

"FUCK!" Foxx grunted, slamming into the man. They fell to the ground. Jessie jumped in and rocked the man's head against the ground. Foxx fell to his back, grasping his shoulder.

"ARE YOU OKAY?!" Jessie yelled, running over to him.

"I'm fine," Foxx grunted, shoving her off. "Goddamnit."

Jessie gave him a hard look and stormed over to Barry.


"Welcome to fucking life," Barry gurgled. A round had entered his stomach. He held a trembling hand over the wound but blood was seeping through it. Blood seeped through his gritted teeth and as Foxx approached him, he managed a chuckle.

"So this is how it ends." Barry said ruefully. "Betrayed for a fucking girl. It should be YOU here, NOT ME, fuckwipe."

Foxx bit his lower lip. His arm hurt like a bitch, but he'd live. If only he had some vodka to soothe the pain..

"It wasn't my fault, man."

"Fuck off."

"You want us to just leave you here? You'll be food in five minutes."

"Fu…fu…ck…off.." Barry was sliding in and out of consciousness.

"I don't know anything about bullet wounds," Jessie mused. "We should just leave him."

Foxx stood over Barry for another minute until a howl ripped through the streets.

"Fuck." Foxx muttered. "Grab those guys' shit and let's get the hell out of here."

In a blur of motion Foxx and Jessie scrambled amongst the supplies, and grabbed what they could. There was a brief moment of hesitation, and Foxx scooped Barry up.

"What are you doing!" Jessie hissed. Foxx gave her a helpless look.

"Just push the cart!" he demanded. Barry, covered in blood, limped along as Foxx supported him. The howling grew closer until Foxx could almost feel the burn of their shadows on his feet.

They escaped into the darkness of a nearby building just as the footsteps came to a stop. Barry gurgled and Foxx covered his mouth, swallowing hard. Outside something snorted. Jessie, horrified, exchanged a glance with him. There was a trail of blood that Barry had dragged in, and the footsteps were beginning to echo closer.

Barry grasped at Foxx's jacket.

"Don't let them eat me." he whispered as he slid in and out of consciousness. Foxx held Barry's head in the crook of his arm. They were in what looked like a office store room. Around them were shelves of rotting paper and office supplies. At the far end of the room the door was open ajar, and it was this that frightened Foxx the most.

In their haste Jessie had propped the shopping cart against the door, but the trail of blood was anything but misleading. So Foxx climbed to his feet, gently letting Barry's head rest in Jessie's lap. On a shelf lay a box of tools, from which he plucked a wrench.

He aligned himself with the doorframe, pressing his body against the wall. It was only a matter of time before a pair of footsteps and a curious snort gave way to their position. Jessie was holding Barry's head tightly as the man mumbled incoherently. Blood was pooling beneath him and as Foxx lay in wait, he couldn't help but realize Barry would not live.

Another footstep.


A shuffle of feet.

Fingers along the wall.

Foxx held his breath.

A man with rotting fingers pushed the door open, and peered into the room. The last thing he saw was a wrench. Foxx dragged the body into the room and brought the wrench down on its head. A second time. A third time.

The body twitched and moved no more.

There was another shuffle of steps outside, followed by a collective roar. Foxx glanced over at Jessie's face, which drained of color.

"RUN!" she shrieked. Foxx kicked the utility door open and fled with Jessie further into the building. A collective of shrieks followed them, bouncing off the walls of the structure. Behind them Barry drew his last breath. Jessie spared a glance back at the bouncing figures behind them but Foxx tugged her hand forward. They darted between a dark room full of pipes and canisters.

Glass shattered from the nearby windows as bird Pokemon crashed into the factory. Behind them something big roared as it batted humans out of its path.

Breathless, Foxx and Jessie skipped across debris of decaying machinery. Before them lay a maze of pipes, canisters and conveyor belts. Dusty, cracked windows provided an eerie illumination to the structure, bleeding paths of light displaying obstacles before them. Cold fingers brushed against Foxx's shoulder. Foxx spun, a blur of figures dashing behind him. Jessie shrieked; fixed in her place, tugging him along. A man with bleeding eyes was howling at him. His skin was red and peeling; clothes caked in dried blood lashed out as he swung at Foxx.

"FOXX!" Jessie cried out. Foxx swung his wrench and knocked the man aside. He teetered slightly off balance until Jessie pulled him back. People crowded behind Foxx's victim, grabbing and clawing at them. Others scrambled over the pipes and debris and grabbed at Jessie. Foxx fell back into her, and knocked away clawing hands. They scrambled to their feet, Foxx swinging the wrench wildly. Jessie pulled Foxx up a set of rusty stairs as the people flooded the base of the steps.

Bird Pokemon swooped and dived, knocking over pipes and debris in their wake. The hulking figure made its way to the front of the crowd and swung its massive fist behind Foxx's feet. Ahead of them the steps wound around a single support beam, leading to a dark office above. Foxx pushed Jessie forward and spared a glance down at a Rhydon, its eyes a milky white, roaring in dismay as it vied for them. Foxx turned his attention back to the office and slipped as he missed a step. Jessie was halfway in the door when she spun to help him. A fireball ripped through the air and grazed her arm.

"FUCK!" she cried out. A Charmeleon at the base of the steps roared as it tried to claw its way up the steps. Below the Rhydon swung its massive claws as it tried to climb, resulting in knocking a section of the steps out. Bird Pokemon circled the office, unable to break in. Jessie sobbed as she held her arm, trying to pull Foxx forward.

"C'MON FOXX!" she screeched. Foxx had rocked his chin on the step and his vision was hazy. Another fireball ripped across his chest and he cried out. In a scramble the two of them fell into the office and slammed the door shut behind themselves. Outside the howling continued. Foxx fell with his back against the door, his chest heaving. Outside the Charmeleon erupted in boiling rage; flames ignited the dark factory in a dazzling display of orange and red light.

There was a rumbling. Jessie fell back. Foxx sprang forward and covered her. An explosion of blue flames engulfed the outside of the office and everything fell silent. Both Foxx and Jessie fell unconscious.

In his dreams Foxx saw tall, lumbering men with red eyes walking through the mist. Their bodies were cloaked in darkness and long trunks extended from their heads. Like serpents they slipped into the factory and slithered over the ruins and corpses of Pokemon, through the smoke they picked their way around the office. Foxx and Jessie may be safe, the men with red eyes didn't see them, but they knew Foxx was close. They wanted him.

"Come, Foxx. You know who you belong to."

And then Foxx realized he wasn't dreaming. He awoke in Jessie's lap and the first thing he saw was her face staring down at him. She put a finger to her lips. Foxx gave her a puzzled look, but the exhaustion illustrating her face told him something was wrong. Slowly he sat up and crawled to the window. Outside several beams of light illuminated the factory floor. Tall, dark men were scouring over the remains of Pokemon and inspecting the ruins from earlier.

"Who are they?" Jessie whispered. Foxx studied them as they picked their way over the debris.

"I don't know." he admitted. "They don't look like raiders."

He couldn't make out much in the darkness. They ducked when a flash of light washed over the office window. They sat with their backs against the wall. Jessie hugged him tightly.

"Just make them go away." she whispered. Foxx wrapped his arms around her and felt the open wound on her arm, from where the Charmeleon had hit her. He sighed. His chest ached. His shoulder wasn't feeling too great, either. Tomorrow they would have to get out of here. Tomorrow things would be better.

Tomorrow he would find a motherfucking drink…

* * * * *

When the sun rose and the Foxx awoke once more, he slowly climbed to his feet and looked outside the window. The men with burning eyes were gone. In fact, there was no evidence they had been there at all. Jessie was stirring and he touched his hand lightly to her shoulder.

"hmm…wha…?" she murmured.

"We gotta go." Foxx said softly. He wiped his lips with his arm. There was a hole in the side of the factory, they would exit that way. Outside sunlight was spilling in, bringing life to the empty building. Foxx helped Jessie up and they left the office, carefully picking their way down the decimated steps.

When they reached the bottom, they stood among the audience of corpses. Several were human, others were poke'mon. Several yards away was a large canister that had erupted. Foxx wondered exactly what was inside it to create such a controlled explosion.

"Where's our shopping cart?" he asked. Jessie beckoned toward the store room, where they had left Barry. Foxx hesitated.

"Let's not go." Jessie pleaded. "I don't want to go back that way."

"We have to." Foxx insisted. "That's all our supplies."

Back through the store room Foxx ignored the sight of Barry's corpse. It was half eaten with entrails pouring out into the hallway. The smell was enough to make Jessie vomit, and her sickness filled the doorway near the body. Foxx helped her out of the room and to back exit, where their shopping cart was tipped over, and looted. At the foot of it Jessie sobbed and Foxx held her, looking at the empty cart.

Even that of which they didn't steal was in that cart, now they had nothing.

"There's always something." Foxx replied, holding Jessie. "We just have to keep looking."

"We're going to die." Jessie choked.

"No we're not." Foxx said firmly. "Jess, you need to--"

"The boy's right, you know."

Foxx and Jessie looked up in time to see several men rise from beyond the debris. They were coated in camouflage and their faces were painted with charcoal. Foxx also noticed each one of them were carrying rifles. Each barrel was pointed at his heart.

A large man, obviously the leader, stepped forward.

"You mind telling me why The Union is after you, son?"

* * * *

That's all for now, be brutal! (just don't make me cry)

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