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D/P on pokemon.com!

Thank you for posting scans!

I probably won't get my NP 'till the start of January...

Quoteth the Pokemon.com blurb:
"...A new region- Sinnoh!"

There was a region, had a name, and Sinnoh was it's name-o!
S-I-N-N-O-H! S-I-N-N-O-H! S-I-N-N-O-H!
And Sinnoh was its name-o!

But, concerning the name Futaba Town, there's a footnote at the bottom of the page that states:"All names are tentative." Dictionary.reference.com states tentative to be:

ten·ta·tive /?t?nt?t?v/
Pronunciation [ten-tuh-tiv]
1. Of the nature of or made or done as a trial, experiment, or attempt; experimental: a tentative report on her findings.
2. Unsure; uncertain; not definite or positive; hesitant: a tentative smile on his face.

Thus, they're still translating it ^_^

I find it funny, as well, that the page was seemingly written for people with no clue about DP at all, meaning none of us here :p

Then, maybe it IS Shinnoh! ^^

And maybe when they first made that announcement a while back, about the Sinnoh thing, it was only a mistake or something.

I would rather have Shinnoh than Sinnoh. In my opinon, Sinnoh sounds funny (sin-oh, what kinda name for a new land is that?).

EDIT: But Nintendo Power says Shinnoh though. Who's right? The pokemon.com article or NP? O.O

Oh, nevermind. They said the name was tentative. So I guess the name Sinnoh could still change to something else. ^^o
It's Sinnoh.

The artice about Manaphy in the Ranger section shows the Ranger Net transfer screen for the Manaphy egg.

On the top screen is a letter reading "To all Sinnoh region Pokemon Trainers: I have a Manaphy egg in my possession. I am looking for someone to raise and train it. If that's you......" and so on.
Okay, so uh, how exactly is Sinnoh pronounced?

I think I remember someone saying that it was supposed to be pronounced exactly like Shinoh. Is that true?
It wasn't announced before. Serebii just hacked the game to see that message.
Well, I've been wondering why it's taken Pokemon.com to fully acknowledge D/P, TBH. Does this mean we may soon see a flood of english details? I'm guessing it would start with the Futaba Town's name, then the starters, then Dialga and Palkia's names. EVERYONE in pokemon fandom has known nearly every detail they could possibly scrounge about the games, and pokemon.com starts with "Is that some kind of Pokemon watch?" WTF?
Keep in mind that people who visit Pokemon.com probably aren't the same people who frequent Pokemon forums.

Officially, no info about D/P has been released beyond a few new names and, at least now, this. I'm not entirely surprised that they've only released bare bones info. Just be glad it's begun, eh?
It's true. You have no idea how many pokemon fans I have found that have absolutely no clue what D/P is. I just find it odd that Munchlax and Weavile page has the same beta screens as what we first saw in Coro Coro.
It's true. You have no idea how many pokemon fans I have found that have absolutely no clue what D/P is. I just find it odd that Munchlax and Weavile page has the same beta screens as what we first saw in Coro Coro.

What's even more odd is the caption underneath it. "this new attack?"

Sorry about the thread necromancy, but I seriously don't think there could be that many pokemon fans (over the age of say, 10) who couldn't've realised that that is wrong.
The thing is, they mean NEW for America. It's not new for the Japanese. There's a difference. For us, since we don't have DP in English yet, it is new. For the Japanese, who have DP in Japanese, it isn't new.

Not to mention the other screen presumably misnames Swallow and also calls it a "new" move.
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