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Dark Clouds Over Sinnoh (Start up!)

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"So what's are game plan, guys?" Azure pondered as he looked around cautiously.
"Once everyone leaves, I'll have Arclite fling Thunderbolt into the building. The spikes Ferrum is leaving and the wet floor should kill all the Buizel that are coming in," Kelvin said.

He then looked around the Valley Windworks. The scene was disturbingly peaceful.
Raven gestured her three Pokemon to follow as she hurried out with the others "Let's get out of here, we don't have much time before they come after us" Raven stated, she looked at Gardevoir for a moment "By the way my Gardevoir has Shock Wave, feel free to command her to use the attack with Arcilite" Raven told him.
Ferrum flew out of the building last. He was breathing heavily and drenched in water.

"Okay there are metal spikes everywhere in the building. I also took the liberty of breaking open all the sprinklers," he said.

Kelvin nodded. "Thanks! Arclite! Gardevoir! Use your strongest electric attack!" he ordered.

A blue corona flared to life around Arclite's body as prepared to use Thunderbolt.

"Ready when you are," he said to Gardevoir.

Psyche spoke mentally to Azure. "Azure, if you have any pokémon that can use an electric type attack, please send it out," she said.
Raven followed with Gallade and Arcanine right behind as they now stood in front of it waiting for the attack. Gardevoir powered up her Shock wave attack and got ready to attack in synch when the Luxray did,.
Looks shocked at first but get's serious. Azure returns Sky and brings out Raiser, his Electivire. "Raiser! Let out your strongest Thunderbolt and Kana let out you mightiest Thunder!" he shouted. The elctricity shone around them as they prepared for the syncronised electric attack with Gardevoir and Luxray.
"Go Thunderbolt!" Arclite cried, discharging a bolt of lightning so intense that it nearly blinded everyone.

Kelvin felt the heat wash over him - even through Psyche's protective barrier.

"That should take 'em out!" Ferrum said.
"Kana and Raiser release the thunderbolt and thunder attacks!" Azure screamed. All the electricity being released from all the Pokemon had him closing his eyes shut. "So bright!" he said in atstonishment.
Gallade jumped in front of Raven to make sure she didn't go blind, of course the blackhead already had her eyes closed along with Gallade and Arcanine, she opened it once they were done.

"If it doesn't then we have another shot of Thunder attacks for them" Raven stated, she doubted any could actually survive that much voltage.
The combined lightning bolts fused to form a massive pillar of lightning that burst through the open door.

A massive thunderclap followed as the building practically exploded from the massive lightning bolt.

"It's over," Kelvin said. "Now all we have to do is get to the nearest town."

"Tell me about it," Arclite replied. A few stray arcs of electricity danced on his mane.
"Exactly where is the nearest town?" Azure inquired. "I haven't been to Sinnoh in a long time so I have forget where everything is?" he said. "Also, what are we going to do when we get there?"
"Well Floaroma is back that way and leading up northa is Eterna City, we have to answer ourselves which way do we head?" Raven asked as she made sure her three Pokemon were okay, Gardevoir was a bit tired from the Shock Wave attack but she still had plenty to go inside her.
Kelvin scratched his head. "I think the best bet is if we head to Eterna City. There may be survivors there," he said.

"Or we could be facing a bunch of zombie pokémon and their zombie trainers and zombie city folks," Ferrum countered.

"Or we could find survivors," Psyche countered.

Kelvin then turned to Azure and Raven. "Erm, I think I should 'enter' you into the translation net that Psyche has with me," he said.
"Huh? What's that?" he inquired. He scratched his head in confusion.
"The net lets you talk to your pokémon as well as mine. If Raven is entered as well, we can communicate with each other's pokémon through this psychic net," Kelvin said.

"Very helpful. But I can only maintain contact for, maybe a half mile radius," Psyche said mentally.

Arclite and Ferrum looked round for any more threats.
As if on cue, Jake stumbled upon the group "Sorry if i startled anybody, I saw a group of people and came on down"
"That sounds... intersting!" Azure exclaimed. "I'm sure that will help us with coordinating our Pokemon, so sure." Once Jake stumbled upon us, Azure asked, "Who are you?" while checking to see the tone of his skin. It's color showing he was indeed alive but Azure was still cautious.
Psyche nodded and her eyes glowed blue as she linked Azure to their pokémon.

"Hey, Azure, can you hear me?" Arclite asked. "Also, you really should grab something to use as a weapon. You cannot rely on your pokémon all the time. If Kelvin did not have his wrench, he would have likely been killed before he got to the breakhouse."

Ferrum and Kelvin stood in line to block Jake's movement forward.

"Name please," Ferrum ordered, forgetting that Jake could not understand them. He looked him over to ensure that he was still alive.

Kelvin also looked Jake over. His wrench was at the ready. "Name please," he asked calmly.
"I am all for that, and it can help me communicate with my Pokemon" Raven replied smiling at the three, when she heard a voice she immediately rose her gun and pointed at him "Who are you?" Raven asked before noticing the skintone, he was alive or she hoped he was as she lowered her gun and waited for his answer.
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