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Dark Clouds Over Sinnoh (Start up!)

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"Yes I can hear you perfectly, Arclite." Azure said with a some shock hidden in his voice. " I prefer not to use weapons, but you are right. I can make an exception in this case. Where is the nearest weapon's shop?"
"Normally firearms are highly restricted in Sinnoh and only available to police, soldiers and the like. But since Sinnoh's gone to hell, no one's going to care," Kelvin said. "Granted, the nearest weapons shop is in Eterna City. They sell mostly old weapons like swords and stuff. If you need a weapon, just pick up a stick a bone or something for now."

Arclite shrugged. "Hey, it works for Farfetch'd and Marowak," he said with a laugh.

Psyche nodded and linked Raven to the pokémon.

"Raven, can you hear me?" Ferrum asked. He and Kelvin still kept an eye on Jake.
"I guess I will have to get something like that for now until Eterna City" he said. He let out a smirk and a giggle from Arclite's joke. "It's good to know that Pokemon have such a good sense of humor." Azure said. "I'm going to go search around for something I can use as a weapon, I'll be back in a bit." he said. "I'll leave my Togekiss with you guys. "He'll be able to sense when I'm in danger by sensing my aura." He grabbed a Pokemon and sent out Sky. "Sky, I want you to stay with Kelvin and Raven so you can tell them if I'm endagerer." "Ok. Be careful" he said as he nodded with worrying eyes. Azure stood there for a moment realizing this is the first time he had ever heard Sky talk. " Don't worry Sky, I'll be fine." he said as he ribbed Sky's head and looked at him with gentle eyes. "He turns towards Kelvin and Raven, "In case some zombies come by you guys you can use Sky if you want. He knows Flamethrower, Sky Attack, Aura Sphere and Extreme Speed." he said as he walked off. He took one more glance at Sky then at Raven and Kelvin and walk off.
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"Wait, I'll come with you! I know the Windworks better than anyone else since I worked here," Kelvin said.

"My type provides the best advantage against the pokémon native here," Arclite said. He then turned to Ferrum and Psyche. "Ferrum, Psyche, make sure Raven and her pokémon are safe. If the newcomer makes threatening moves, you can kill or incapacitate him," he ordered.

Kelvin and Arclite ran after Azure and caught up to him near one of the wind turbines.

"Azure, the best place to look for weapons would be the tool shed," Kelvin said, pointing to a shed sitting near a wind turbine.
Azure looked back as Kelvin decided to him and joined him. "The shed? All right" he said. "So you know the area pretty well, huh? I assume you work here by the look of your uniform." Azure inquired as he quickly glanced at Kelvin's uniform.
"I usedwork here," Kelvin replied.

Arclite's eyes glowed as he peered through the walls and doors. All he saw were racks filled with tools and someone walking around. "Guys! There's someone in there! But I can't tell if he's a zombie or not," he said.

Kelvin approached the metal shed and cautiously opened the door. There was someone in there.

"Thank Arceus! I thought everyone was dead!" the man exclaimed. He then looked over the group. "Z...zombies!" He raised his sledgehammer. "Get away!"

"Please, put the hammer down. We're-" Kelvin noticed the man's face was an ashen grey.

"Arclite! Th-" Kelvin narrowly missed having his head smashed in by the crazed zombie.

Arclite immediately unleashed a Thunderbolt, frying the zombie. "Kelvin, you okay?" he asked.

Kelvin took a moment to catch his breath. "Y...Yeah, I'm fine," he said.
Azure stood there in shock as the zombie man became fried. "That was close! Too close! Are you alright, Kelvin?"
Ghost quickly ran through the outskirts of Eterna City, after he had escaped from Mt. Coronet. He tried to remain as silent as possible, but it was challenging not to cry out.
Kelvin nodded. "I'm fine but a little shaken up," he replied.

Arclite peered around the room for any more dangers. "You're clear, Azure but we don't have much time. Grab something to use as a weapon and get moving," he said.

Kelvin grabbed an ax hanging on the wall. "I've got a wrench but another weapon will be useful too," he said.
Azure spotted a pistol and a knife on a table. "I think these will do." he said as he picked them up. "Let's get out of here before something else happens. I'm worried about Raven and our Pokemon."
Kelvin scratched his head. "Who the fuck left those in here?" he asked aloud.

"Who cares!" Arclite countered. "Let's get back to the others."

Kelvin nodded as he closed the door and headed back to Raven and Jake.
"I'm really worried. If there was a zombie here,maybe there are still some left." he said as he was panting and running.
"Alright" Raven responded after they went to the tool shed, she hoped they didn't take too long, meanwhile she waited for the guy in front of her to answer.

"I sense he is not a threat, so it's another ally in our midst" Gardevoir spoke to Raven now it seems all the connections were open, Raven was glad to finally understand her Pokemon.

"And if he is a threat, I will burn him into the deepest darkest part of hell" Arcanine stated growling at the man.
Azure saw Raven and the rest of the Pokemon. "Hey guys! We're back!" he screamed as he ran.
Kelvin nodded. "Thanks, Gardevoir," he said.

He then turned to the newcomer. "Well, all I can say is welcome to the team," he said.
"Well, everybody is really in a bad mood, i'm very alive, and my name is Jake Stevens" his PSG1 was ready for action
"Well it's quite hard to be in a good mood when all hell has broken loose and everything you once knew has changed" Raven told him before giving a small smile "It's nice to meet you, I am Raven" Raven answered relaxing a bit but still being on alert for any zombies.
"Sky!" he said as he run up to hug his Togekiss. "Azure!!!" he said as he nuzzled his face on me. Azure turned to Jake, "Now we can get to our normal introduction. My name is Azure."
"I'm Kelvin Grey," Kelvin said, lowering his ax.

"You try being in a good mood with zombies running around," Ferrum replied bitterly, forgetting that Jake could not hear him.

Arclite then cleared his throat as he sniffed the air. "I sense zombies coming," he said.

Kelvin paled. "Let's get to Eterna City before we meet something really nasty," he said.

He then headed down the dirt path towards Eterna City, Arclite and Psyche flanked him as Ferrum flew above the ground.
"Are there a lot of zombies coming?" Azure wondered. "Well, let's get on our way. Let's go Sky." he said to his Togekiss. Azure and Sky caught up to Kelvin and walked the path with him.
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