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MATURE: Dark Dreams [Complete]

Jul 23, 2022
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Dark Dreams

Content Warning:
This one shot contains explicit violence and a fair amount of blood, death and injury. If you do not like violence, or blood - do not read this one shot.

On the off chance this is too much, please let me know and I will reduce the amount of mature rated content - I don't mind altering it to a more chill level.

Imagine a world in which you will stop at nothing to win pokémon battles.

A/N: I have split this into two posts to give readers a last chance to click off this, in case of triggers (also I don't want a discord pop up).

Dark Dreams - One Shot

"So, here we are once again. This must be your what? Thirty-seventh attempt?" the man scoffed, flicking his black hair out of the way of his pale skin. His brown eyes narrow in on you, showing a small smile. "How many more times can you take a loss?" He grins at you. "Don't you think I remember each time we have fought?" His smile fades, and he glares at you coldly. "Ha, of course, you don't. You just power down the console and start again outside my door. Do you really think you can win?"

"..." You remain silent and offer an unconvincing smile back at him.

"Ha, ha, ha. Silence, huh? I know what you have done. What you have been doing. You have been harming innocent people! You have been stealing their Pokémon since the very beginning. Killing those who don't hand over their Pokémon in an instant! Isn't that right? Murderer." He smiles at you, tugging on his leather jacket. "So come on then! Ready to take your thirty-seventh loss?"

"..." You remain silent but flick your wrist with your first Poké ball. Something you have deliberated over for the last thirty-seven matches. As your Poké ball collides with the ground into a roll, your Mr. Mime pops out. His face is cold, and his grin mimics your own.

"Mr. Mime, huh? What are you gonna do? Mime me to death?" he says, mocking your Pokémon. "Well, take this! Kingler, I choose you!" His eyes light up, and with a determined grin, he spins the Poké ball on his finger thrice before throwing it out onto the stone floor, allowing his Kingler to gush out.

"..." You clench your fist as you remember how Kingler has thwarted you before, cutting down your team with x-scissor and surf until all that was left was the smuggest of grins on his face. With a dark smile, you think about the attack you want Mr Mime to use, making the Pokémon's eyes turn to a dark, gleeful blue.

The man grabs his head and starts to scream out. His fists tighten on his hair as he tugs it ferociously. His eyes turn the same dark blue as your Mr Mime's, and he and Kingler squirm where they stand.

You take the opportunity to draw your metal blade, which you sliced off a Bisharp prior, and take a few steps forward.

The man suddenly stops shaking and points accusingly at you. With a cold voice, he says, "Ha... ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Do you really think that will stop me? Kingler, I believe in you! Use crabhammer!" In response to his call, the Kingler, wincing in agony, scurries towards your Mr Mime, who dives to the left instinctively to avoid the attack. However, Kingler seems to know which way Mr Mine will go. The man's Kingler swings down with its giant crushing claw and lands a glowing crabhammer attack on Mr Mime's crown.

Blood spews out over Kingler as Mr Mime splits into two, hitting the ground with a thud.

"Is that the best you got? If you beat me here, I know I am dead. I know you will slaughter me in cold blood... but... I won't let you!" the man says, withdrawing his accusing finger. "I stand here, in this abandoned city... against you!" He stares at the corpse of Mr Mime and then back at you. "I guess it's your move, killer."

You smile darkly at him as your eyes shine a dark black for a moment before returning to their original colour. You allow your smile to twist into a sadistic grin as you flick your wrist, allowing the Poké ball in your hand to spin into the ground in front of you. Before he can react, you shoot your arm forward in a directing manner, extending your finger in the direction of the Kingler.

"Lilligant... a perfect counter to my set-up here." He closes his eyes as he speaks, "But... I can withdraw!" he shouts, returning Kingler as if he already expected you to attack Kingler with mega-drain. "Let's go, Mandibuzz!" He tosses the Poké ball up into the air.

However, your Lilligant redirects its attack to the location of the opening ball. With a cold smile, it allows its mega-drain to suck the life out of the airborne Mandibuzz. It desperately is flapping to try and break free from the attack, making you smile more and more. You feel cold inside and lifeless, and you like it – as if you have no more responsibility in this world, no more people to hurt you – just destruction around you. You laugh as it cannot escape. You laugh sadistically as Mandibuzz takes a critical hit and collides with the ground.

"It's not too late to turn back. I can help you... I will help you." He offers his hand from the opposing trainer's box. "I can take you to the hospital... they can make you better..."

You laugh sadistically at him once more as you click your fingers. Lilligant follows up its initial attack with round. You listen to the echoes from the attack, knowing the man was lying the entire time. He wouldn't help you. Not now. Not after all you have done. It is a cold, rotten, filthy lie, even if you want help.

He covers his ears, shielding himself from your rotten cackling, seemingly aiding your Lilligant in its brutal, non-stop attack on the Mandibuzz. "...very well then... Mandibuzz! Use brave bird!" he shouts, and the big bird dives down and extends its sharp claws. However, it shakes and shivers as a result of the round attack.

Your cackling is inside its head. You are making it hurt.

With its extended sharp claws, it slashes into the Lilligant. The knife-like talons land a powerful strike and curl back up into the clutches of its feet as it flips once, twice, thrice, back up into the sky and accepts its heavy recoil damage.

You can see the Mandibuzz's broken talons, which please you enormously.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha... yes... yes... you evil, twisted monster. How does it feel to know you are going to lose? I wonder if that is what the boss felt... the region's ruler felt when you killed him in cold blood using your Pokémon! He offered his hand to you, a chance at redemption, and you stabbed him through the heart!" he shouts at you, crossing his right hand across his chest and resting it in a fist on his heart. "Preserve your remaining strength, Mandibuzz! Use bone rush!" he calls out.

"..." You stare angrily at him and his dirty, mocking comments. In response, you recall your Lilligant. You smile darkly as you throw a Poké Ball, and with a snap, you send out your Huntail, who dances a wiggle upon coming out.

The bone rush swings in and slams into the Huntail with each end of the bone, which would have been exceptionally damaging if Lilligant got hit. You smile sinisterly at him.

"Huh... I guess you learned from your mistake after all!" he throws his arms forward as he shouts, "However, you really think that is it? It is far from over, brat."

In response to his disgusting emotional words, the vulture-like Pokémon swings down and shoots a dark pulse into the ground. It leaps out, twisting and turning towards your Huntail. Despite your Huntail's best attempts to dive out of the way, the dark pulse attaches itself to your Huntail's scales and batters it repeatedly, piercing through its scales.

"..." You remain silent and stare, frustrated as your Huntail flinches from the decisive attack. You quickly glare at him as Mandibuzz swings in for a second dark pulse attack. Once again, the pulse dances towards your Huntail and goes to pierce its scales, but this time, your Huntail reacts. As the Mandibuzz swings to pass you, your Huntail shoots an ice beam attack. The white crystals freeze the Mandibuzz's wings in a sub-zero blast, colliding with the wall, shattering, killing it instantly.

"No!" the man shouts. "..." He pauses. "Huh... okay then, that's it! I am no longer looking to show you a chance to turn back. Let's do this!" He flicks his wrist, and a Leavanny is sent out. His eyes turn cold and dark as if all the mercy and kindness inside has just been sucked out and replaced by a burning urge to kill you.

Your focus on his eyes has lasted too long, and your ears are met with a screaming sound. You turn to look at your Huntail. The Leavanny is standing over it, punching it repeatedly in the neck with a glowing purple-bladed fist. You assume the attack to be poison jab as you watch the Leavanny punch your Huntail again in the neck.


Your Huntail goes limp, and its head twists in a mangled way behind its neck. It is broken and dead.

You don't feel sad or angry. Instead, you laugh a dark, cold cackle that seems to echo in the large room. Your dead Huntail has set you up for a perfect run on his Leavanny. You remember from your previous battle that your Escavallier is your trump card against this monstrous grass-bug. So, with a cackle and a toss, you send your Escavallier out into the fight, ensuring it lands central to all the corpses scattered around it.

"Damnit..." he says, frustrated, placing his hand on his forehead. He covers his eyes with his hands for a moment as your Escavallier starts to attack with megahorn. "Fine then! Leavanny, meet and match it with x-scissor!"

You laugh for a moment as the two bugs collide in the centre of the room, and you look up at his scowling, dirty, treacherous face.

"Stop laughing, you coward! You won't win! I won't let you win... Huh?" he says, looking at you.

You clench your fist, and your Escavallier's attack lessens. The Leavanny starts to lower its guard. However, with a sudden strike, your Escavallier's red and white swirled spikes have pierced through the Leavanny's heart and run through its body. The megahorn attack was successful in the end. You laugh as the Leavanny's heart peels off your Escavallier's spike and onto the floor.

"..." He scowls at you, "... Luxray... I choose you!" His Luxray launches itself out of the ball and goes in for a physical attack. "No, use thunderbolt! Don't get close to that thing!" he shouts at it, and Luxray obeys. A lightning bolt darts down into Escavallier's helmet, making it shake for a moment as it screams in pain.

"..." You stare coldly at him. He is starting to play dirty, avoiding your close-range attacks. You smile at your Escavallier, who smiles darkly back at you as it digs its spikes into the ground and starts its drill run attack on the Luxray. It moves towards it faster than it can escape, charging it down, tearing up the floor and slicing its paws, removing several of its toes as it does.

The Luxray rolls back, bloodied and jumps back twice. It bears its sharp, bloodstained teeth, and a horrible smell wafts through the air. The smell of burning metal and flesh mixed to create something far more toxic.

"..." you stop smiling as you realise he isn't playing anymore; unlike the first thirty-six times where he appeared to be just treating this like a game, this time he was deadly serious. He intends to stop you where you stand. You look at your Escavallier, who has been cooked alive by the electric attack and fused to some areas of the helmet.

"Heh, what did you expect? I'm not playing nice anymore. It's time you fell. I stand in your way. You will never become ruler," he says calmly, relaxing his arms by his sides once more.

You throw a ball out onto the field with a high level of aggression, and your Stantler locks onto the Luxray immediately. In reaction to his self-confidence, you punch your palm with your fist in a rhythmic manner.

Stantler, locked onto the Luxray, charges towards it with speed and starts to chase it around the battle arena. A black, blue and brown flurry can be seen for a few moments before the black and blue is hurtled into a wall with a stomp attack. You secretly know that if the drill run had missed, you would be in trouble as Luxray's crushed skull can be seen dripping blood all over the floor.

"No! It's not over yet! I will stop you! Girafari-" he starts, throwing the Girafarig out. Immediately, you laugh and point forwards. Stantler reacts in an instant. It sees your finger ramming into the Girafarig, half sent out, with a megahorn. The ball cracks under pressure, killing the Girafarig, mangling its body as it does. A half-formed Pokémon can be seen on the floor, sliced in half. Even then, Stantler doesn't stop her attack and runs straight into the man, piercing his lower chest and making his stomach start to bleed.

"Ha, ha, ha... I guess I am... going... to die now... but... I am going to take you with... me..." He kicks your Stantler in the face, breaking free, "Ugh... ha, I guess I didn't think that one through, huh? Gliscor, please... turn this around..." he rolls a ball as he gasps for air.

Gliscor shoots out the ball and immediately swings towards your Stantler, flipping in the air as it does. It twists and turns as your Stantler desperately tries to swat it away. Thud. Your Stantler's knees are sliced off on its front two legs, forcing it to collapse onto the ground.

It isn't over, as your Stantler responds with a psychic attack. The Gliscor screams in agony as it collides with Stantler once more, slicing its face down the middle, piercing its skull and stabbing into its brain.

You laugh as you know it is your advantage once more. With a kiss of the Poké ball in your hand, you throw it into the air so it cracks open, allowing your Reuniclus to fold out into the green, slimy form it holds. Unfortunately, it is slow, so you know it will take a considerable amount of damage before –

Gliscor has pierced its slimy body and has sliced its arm off in a clean sweep before swinging back into the air. However, your Reuniclus easily survives the attack. Using its psychic powers, it cuts off the bleeding before shooting a Shadow ball towards Gliscor, which is swinging into its third attack.

A direct hit on the Gliscor forces it to collide into the wall behind it, breaking its neck and leaving a significant dent on the wall.

"I... can't give up now... I can't..." he whispers. "Kingler, old friend... It's yours now!" He rolls the ball out onto the field and slumps against the wall, dying. "We haven't got much HP between us, old pal... use... rock tomb..."

Kingler reacts instantly to his command, throwing parts of the destroyed arena at you and your Reuniclus. Once strike hits your Reuniclus in the heart, making it wail and struggle to breathe before it collapses into a mess on the floor.

"Maybe we ca-" he starts.

Kingler lies drained on the floor, dead.

"No... no... no, please... No..." he begs as Lilligant walks up to him, severely injured, and runs him through with a magical leaf attack. You then stab him with the Bisharp blade.

He collapses to the floor.

You have done it. You step into the room behind his corpse with a dark smile and sit on the chair. You look through the rooms you have passed through and the bodies you have left in your wake.

You save the game.
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