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Define the Word!

Mar 6, 2023
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  1. He/Him
Basically, a user gives a word and then the next user will have to define the word. (They can define it in any way they want whether it be silly, overly complex, or a legitimate definition) You can use whatever resources you like to help define words. Please keep all words appropriate and make sure they abide to Forums Rules!

Here’s our first word:
for fun, the 'recourses' i used was asking chat gpt to define it as different characters. favorit reslt and thus one i am using for this game: "Definition mean Hulk tell you what something is. Hulk use simple words, make it easy to understand!"

next word is anger
i had chat GPT make a deadpool dictionary, and i have to post it's entry for nerd here:
Nerd [nurd] noun

1. A truly enviable individual: One who possesses vast, almost intimidating knowledge about stuff like comics, video games, or quantum mechanics. Frequently found mastering the art of the universe (real or fictional) while simultaneously managing to avoid stepping on a LEGO barefoot (most of the time).

2. Superhero-in-disguise: Often mistaken for someone who's just into books and tech, but secretly equipped with the superpowers of intellect, an unparalleled level of enthusiasm for minutiae, and the ability to debate passionately about which Starship Enterprise is the superior model (it’s obviously the NCC-1701-D, duh!).

3. Fashion icon: A trendsetter who makes glasses, hoodies, and graphic tees cooler than Deadpool’s katana collection.

4. Me, occasionally: Look, I rock a katana and a healing factor, but you should see my comic book collection and my K/D ratio in video games.

Synonyms: genius, wizard, scholar, me (when I’m trying to fix the microwave)

Use in a sentence: I’d totally invite that nerd to my next dungeon crawl. They’d know exactly how to outsmart the lich king.

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